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Bending Light

Join me today as we explore shooting on dark backgrounds and creating moody looks without harsh shadows.

We’ll use tunnels, blocking, and reflection to bend natural light to create more depth and contrast in your images while maintaining a soft filtered light on your subject’s face.


  1. Ive looked in a few spots… are the final edited images somewhere – probably staring me straight, right? Thank you – excited to see the final images bc Meghan you are STUNNING! x

  2. I have a couple of criticisms after already watching a few classes and keep seeing the same ‘little’ problems. Wonderful lessons by the way. In your portfolio all photos are perfect, the models, the backgrounds, etc… But in many videos like this one you don’t pay too much attention on those details. The frames are crooked, the backdrop is not pulled all the way through so we see the cluttered background in the shots, the corner of the V flat is visible and probably really hard to photoshop afterwards. Now, I know that you are teaching at the same time and it’s difficult, but for us newbies being on a photoshoot is really difficult too but we have to think about everything even if we are under pressure, the pose, the expression, the backdrop, the corners, the socket behind the model etc… All those little things that make a photo less professional. Also, in your portfolio models don’t have horrible tan lines across the top of their bodies. I know you remove some of them, but could you have models (male and female) without those lines – very distracting. Just trying to help and improve an already great website! 🙂

    1. I believe the idea is not to have perfect people or environments during lessons as we do not have perfection in real life.

  3. I am the silly person who asked about back focus. Blush. (I’m still red in the face, had a good laugh at myself). I am primarily a film photographer and have switched to digital just the last couple of years. I Have been a photographer for over 35 years. My previous experience was mostly Nikon and a Hasselblad film cameras….making photos for publication/magazines and coffee table books and very early fashion photography as I was a wedding gown designer, designing primarily with antique laces. I had just recently heard about back focus and thought I would try it because I had two shoots where the camera just refused to focus when the lens was extended from 24 to 70. It was very frustrating. I finally used manual exposure to finish the shoot. I have come to the conclusion that either my new camera or my lens are not sinking together properly. Hopefully my purchase of the new Nikon 24-70 will solve my problem. But I have to say that using the back focus also solved the issue – at least temporarily. I can’t take the chance with a wedding or session, so have upgraded my lens and will have my camera checked out. I love your classes Sue and you are so cute when you are laughing. You are just darling. Love your hair high-lights! And, your wonderful educational sessions. You are the best, I’ve learned so much! I am 75 and feel like I am just beginning. Thank you so much for giving me a new lease on life.

    1. Haha. Don’t feel silly. I’ve wondered if she used BBF before, assumed not since she never mentioned it. I’m in another group for beginners (I know, shame shame lol) and they all swear by it. It’s like the number one go to answer when someone asks about focus. I’ve found people’s varying answers are hilarious. It’s almost like arguing if canon or Nikon is better. Funny to hear/watch responses. Sues was pretty great 🙂 Thanks for asking!

    2. It’s OK to use back button focus if you like it, Anita. I have done workshops with commercial photographers who use it all the time. Whatever works for you, right?

  4. I know ONE use case for back button focus ! On my 40D the shutter is starting to become old, and doesn’t work very well. If I use the same shutter button to focus and take the photo, most often than not it will not click after focusing. BUT if I use back button to focus then I can press the shutter and it works well. That’s obviously a hack though and if the camera worked well I wouldn’t have to use it.