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18:48 Duration

DIY Backdrop Painting

Sue gets down and dirty in this do-it-yourself tutorial. Watch time lapse videos of the creations of two successfully painted backdrops made for under $100 and learn how to create your own fast, fun, and cheap DIY painted backdrop.

Backdrop #1 (4:20)
See how Sue creates an Oliphant style backdrop with 2 friends for $73 in under a half an hour!

Items Used:



Backdrop #2 (2:33)
Painting the final backdrop a simple grey color, Sue walks us through her thought process and actions in the creation of this DIY drop.


Shooting with your Painted Backdrops
Description: Now that our backdrops are dry, it’s time to experiment in front of the camera. Watch how Sue manipulates natural light with v-flats to make the backdrops appear differently and create different moods in her images, and how she improvises when an experiment doesn’t necessarily turn out the way she had planned. Sue also discusses how you can turn light more directional or stronger to enhance vignettes with a Kinoflo, strobe, or natural light.

Items Used:

  • V-flats

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    1. my lightly creased areas went away just fine w/ the wet paint. I did have to steam out the heavily creased areas though.

  1. I am a manager for Bunnings here in Australia. So tonight I came home with a massive canvas drop sheet that will be cut into two. Some dark beige paint that was miss-tinted by my team (so it became much cheaper). I will grab some more paint tomorrow or next week. Cheers Sue.

    1. Oliphant backdrops are painted on Linen canvas cloth, which is much thicker and denser than cotton backdrops, so I’d run with the heaviest you can find

  2. Wondering if you cut the paint with water at all (to thin it out)? Also, did you leave them on the plastic to dry and then hang the next day to finish? Just trying to judge how many days to allow from start to finish. Love this demo! Thank you for creating it!

    1. I add water when I do canvas drops – don’t let it get sloppy wet, but thinning it out does help it move easier. I put a fan on mine and let them dry on the plastic as long as I haven’t gotten them too wet 😉

  3. I really love your videos. I have gotten more knowledge from just a few of your videos than I have gotten from countless other people videos I have watched in the past. You are awesome 🙂

  4. Every day I love you even more! You truly understand me more than anyone in my family, including my pups. Do you still have a collection with triple scoop music for videos? Love all your choices and have Fremont of owning one!

  5. Hi Sue,I was wondering which paint you were using.
    Is any paint good for this project?Mind sharing the colour nummers?
    Thanks Best regards Patricia