Ask for Referrals

An Upcoming Sue Bryce Live

Sales Contact #5: Ask for Referrals. When you learn to welcome, and invite, and actively ASK for referrals, the future your photography business is built on the most powerful sales and marketing tool you have access to. We’ll look at how referrals fit into the delivery and final sales phase. But (and this is so important) it is NEVER to early to ask for referrals. When you allow your clients to refer their friends, it not only builds your business, it cements your relationship with that client, and helps them articulate the value of their own experience to themselves.

Ask for the referral. Build a relationship. Maintain your connection.

Inviting referrals is the most powerful relationship building phase, and one where so many photographers fall down. Create a referral system and stay connected. Referrals are the step that build clients for life.

There are five crucial points of contact with your clients that you need to master for selling portraits in your business:

#1 — Networking
#2 — The Consultation
#3 — The Shoot
#4 — The Reveal
#5 — Ask for Referrals

In this special five-week series of Sue Bryce LIVE, it’s time to dig in and purposefully strengthen every point of contact we have with clients.