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29:31 Duration

Animoto Tutorial

Video is the future, and learning how to make compelling videos for your business is key! Whether you have used Animoto before or if you’re new to the program, Susan Roderick takes you on a step by step guide on how to create a beautiful marketing video with Animoto. Choose from a template or customize your own, and learn how to set your photos and video to music. Then see the finished product of a behind-the-scenes Animoto video of a Sue Bryce shoot!

Susan Roderick takes us through the world of Animoto and gives us tips and tricks to easily create a beautiful marketing video for your business.

Items Used:

Key Things to Take Away:
-Customize a template to best represent your brand.
-When making videos for social media, keep the length of your videos short (around 2 minutes).
-Music is key. Make sure it matches the mood of your video. If the song moves you, it will move other people.
-Think about a storyline and an order of videos and photos. Moving from hair & makeup, to getting ready, to the shoot. Make sure the order of events makes sense!

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  1. Hi, just wondering if the video was filmed by just hand holding the camera or some type of stabilizer? Any tips you can share for hand holding the camera to avoid too much shake and movement?

  2. My question is this: I would like to take this slideshow and burn to DVD for playing at a client’s home as part of their reveal. When I’ve done this previously the image quality was quite blurry. Any tips?

  3. Hi Susan, do you edit the video first before you upload them in animoto? Like for ex sometimes its shaky, how do you fix it? Do you use different software firs before uploading it to Animoto?tha k you?