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Am I the Best Version of Myself?

How do you make fine art work in a business? Why are so many portrait photographers struggling to get big sales with fine art work? How do you make it work? Is it a different price?


  1. Love how you speak and express with conviction. Most people spend too much time trying to speak well on camera and looking intelligent, but with you your intelligence comes through your passionate presentation.

  2. Oh my gosh Sue, I LOVE this!!! “You can’t create art with anxiety, you have to create it with joy” really touched home. “Awards don’t pay dick” was also what I had to hear right now. I’ve been studying the 12 elements and wasting time creating a portfolio of images to enter into comp and you’re right, it doesn’t pay dick ?

  3. Sue – I really appreciate the self development work. I too am a self-improvement junkie, but I get lazy with it. You are such the perfect kick in my ass. You call me out on my crap regularly. Thank you.

  4. Yikes! Language dear Sue, I love for my daughters and sons to listen to these value video but, this one. . . I needed to send my 10 year old out of the room. :/ I’m so done with not being good enough. Thank you for the kick in the pants. xo

  5. WOW! every time you open your mouth, you are speaking my life story. it is beautiful and almost creepy how true it all is…clearly why we are all drawn to you and why we found you. thank you!

  6. I just laughed and cried through this video, every word you spoke hit me with absolute truth! I am loving every second of this is changing my life. Thank you so much <3

  7. Ok I fell in love with you in this video and truth be told you could probably charge extra for the Therapy session I got out of this video. Thank You!

  8. I love every single talk I have been watching so far. Every single one taught me something invaluable about myself, photography, business, money and life. I am an avid learner, and I am fascinated by the mind, how it works, by human behaviour, body language, motivation, emotions, in short, everything that has to do with self development. I love your passion, your energy and the willingness to share everything you have been learning and experiencing first hand. I am extremely grateful for having discovered such a great person.
    The only thing I personally find upsetting is when you Sue talk about boudoir and nude, because it is the only time I hear resistance and somehow I sense disapproval, and even a hint of disdain. Especially in this talk, I had to stop because I felt quite upset. While you talk about how fashion photographers talked “down on you” for being a portrait photographer, I feel the same way when you define boudoir and art nude as “showing vaginas and pinuses”.
    My personal view, and I am very passionate about this, is that boudoir and art nude are ways to celebrate yourself, your body as well as your soul. Being in front of a camera makes you feel vulnerable, but you can still hide behind a pretty dress if you want to. Being in front of a camera “naked” does not allow any hiding, you are there and then, and to be naked and feel great, you need to be totally being empowered to being yourself, feeling beautiful and elegant. For me a naked body has nothing to do with sexuality, it is about embracing who you are. The way a photographer photographs a nude woman and her curves is what makes the real difference. I see only beauty and elegance in anyone. I do not see sex. I see energy, I see vulnerability, I see art. I see you. And I embrace every single bit of you.
    I make my clients feel safe and beautiful because I honour their beauty, their soul, their vulnerability, their humanity and I want to show them how beautiful this is. So, when, in several occasions I heard you talk about boudoir like something you do not want to be associated with, while I respect that is not a genre you feel you wan to pursue, I felt disempowered by the tone with which you talk bout it as something, I do not know, maybe “dirty”. Maybe your experience of boudoir and art nude genre has not been fantastic, or you may have seen cheesy, inelegant and over sexualised images that made you cringe (me as well!), or maybe you are not keen of being nude in front of a camera yourself for your own personal reasons. All fair points, but that does not mean that the genre is “wrong” because of the work of some not-so-professional photographers.
    I can assure you that it is not all there is, and there are plenty of fantastic photographers that celebrate women’s body and femininity with great artistry, respect and elegance, and I personally believe I am one of them.

  9. “awards really don’t pay d*ck” LOL
    Thank you for the reminder, Sue! You are amazing on so many levels 🙂 Our time and energy is best spent learning, improving, empowering ourselves, etc.! “I am ENOUGH”

  10. I want to be the best version of myself, I have wanted this all my life, I am becoming the best version of myself. Thank you for the challenge to rise up and walk this path, so much more than I expected with learning photography, I am learning so much about love, beauty around me, hearts, pain, others pain and thinking, dreaming, and yes believing in myself! What a blessing you are Sue Bryce

  11. Yes, Sue! I have been working on myself deeply for the past two years. I live every day deeply immersed in the principles of the Law of Attraction. Actually, I vaguely knew about it before, and even was a Dyer fan for 30 yrs, but not until I read Wattles, at your suggestion two yrs ago, did I actually truly understand it! Thank you so much for that! I listen to / read/ watch Abraham Hicks daily. I encounter incredible synchronicities all day, every day! I’ve done, and still do, deep shadow work. The best book is The Dark Side of the Light Chasers. Incredible book that you MUST read, if you’ve not already! Talk about getting rid of your triggers and understanding where people are coming from!!! OMG! Changed my world! I’ve connected so well with The Universe I even totally opened up my psychic/mediumship abilities. It’s all connected… WE’RE all connected! It was totally the Law of Attraction that enabled me to meet up with you and get to sit 20 minutes with you last year at Javits. If I could pull you in from the other side of the world, then pull you across the US, then I can certainly hook up with a bunch of people who will buy my art at $3,000 a pop! 😉 LOL! Whatever the block was that did not get me out there putting my work in front of people, is now released as I commit to this 12 week program! I am going to make an absolute FORTUNE because I am all about the service and delivering amazing images! 2017 is my year and nothing will hold me back… especially not myself!!!! Thank you again, sweet Sue!!!

  12. I totally get how being able to express truth give Sue joy. Being authentic runs her motor! I love when I see people owning and loving exactly who they are. #winning

    1. Right? I did get to meet her and she’s even more lovable in person! She is truly the most kind and caring person!

  13. Best start for 2017!!! Just signed up and this talk is just hitting the point: go pass the selfhate issues (I’m so done with it!) and find joy on what we do. That’s the best goal for 2017. And that’s what I want my children to get from me. Thank you for the wake up call, Sue.

  14. “I want to go where my heart wants to go!” This quote is going up where I can see it every single day. So much good coming from this talk, Sue. Gratitude to you for it all.

  15. I have tingles all over (or as you referred to it, vibrations!!)!! I think I may actually ❤️ you Sue! Ha!

    2017, here I come and damnit! I AM GOOD ENOUGH!

    Thank you Sue! I will be one of those photographers to make you proud!

    Merry Christmas!

  16. Am I the best version of myself? No definitely not – I aim to incorporate more mindfulness in 2017 and become a much better version of myself. Thank you for asking. Happy 2017.

  17. Thank YOU once again for your positive, loving, deep, energizing vibrations. Each time you speak I feel as if you are speaking directly to me, with all the limits and all the dreams. I cannot believe that you are probably speaking directly to many. I hope that I and many others can hear, You are beyond Good Enough, You are AMAZING louder each day with your example and belief in us. Thanks again and again and again!!!

  18. This talk is so good! Someone should make a “Sue doll butt-kicker” with this talk! Thank you Sue for this, I felt as if you were talking to me directly. I am digging myself out of depression and it is so hard. I thank everyday for finding you. You are a blessed human being. I can’t wait for meeting you in London. Beautiful soul!! xx

  19. You nailed it at the end for me. I am not sure I found you Sue to become a portrait photographer again. But I am clearly searching for a new chapter. I am in the photo business with my husband and struggling to find my joy and identity. Midlife has struck me. Appreciate your vibration today.

  20. Yee Gads!!!! that was spoken directly to me at this moment in time… Taking a breath… refocusing… whispering to myself… (new ma
    ntra from here on out) <3

  21. Tony Robins says, ” We over estimate what we can do in one year and underestimate what we can do in 10.” This was amazing and gives freedom to ‘grow’ organically.

  22. You made me cry. Because what you said is truth, and hope, and passion. I have a photo job tomorrow and I’m scared because it’s really important to me, it’s a personal project and it means so much I so want to do a good job of it. Thank you for inspiring me to do the best I can at this stage in my photography x