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Adding Personal Branding Sessions

When Heike realized how many people were reaching out to her for corporate head-shots she created a new kind of upgrade session called “Personal Branding” which is taking the place of her old corporate headshot sessions with just a little bit more of a spin. Find out how Heike sells it to clients, how to price it, and ultimately how it can keep your sales average up! It does not matter to me how you say what you say, as long as you believe it, say it with confidence, value it and educate thoroughly your service and product price and experience. Then deliver it.


  1. This was one of the things holding me back. I couldn’t wrap my head around how to avoid people coming in for the cheaper session fee but trying to get away with doing both glamour and corporate…. wow thanks SO MUCH for sharing! I can finally finalize my price list and move forward. Sue and her mentors are amazing! Thanks Heike!

  2. This is SO helpful, thank you Heike!! I do have one question, if they buy the entry package for $590 and want to buy more images when they see the reveal, does the 590 go towards the next package ($1500)?

  3. Thank you so much Heike and Sue, this is so helpful!
    Heike, love your space and your work of course!! I’ve got your personal branding guide and oh it’s so brilliant, thank you so much!!?

  4. Thank you for this info Sue and Heike! I have my first group “head shot” session coming up, and this helps me so much in knowing how to be of better service to them, while they are coming into the studio anyways!

  5. Heike, how do you show the value of the personal branding to men? when marketing to women they are more likely happy to have hair and make-up done, but what about men? is there something that you do different to get men in the door? Thank You

  6. I dont think you understand how HELPFUL all of this is..Thank you Sue and Heike!! I am so happy to be part of your site. It has been about 8 months and I watch and lean everyday, I am getting closer to my ideal
    business model!

  7. Heike – thank you for the interview, this is obviously a topic that is very relevant in today’s world! Does any of your personal branding work get done for actors, or talent with agents? In my experience, the actors usually just let the agents pic the pictures that they think will work to get them jobs. I can’t see a work around with the reveal wall in this scenario – the agents just log into the online gallery and give their picks. Have you run into this, and if so, did you develop a solution? Much appreciated!!!

    1. Hi John! Yes, I’ve photographed some actors and models. Some has asked to do the online gallery you have mentioned. Since I don’t do online galleries, I tell them they must come in and select the images. That being said, if they brought 5 outfits they select their favourites from each. Usually amounts to 10 photos given the different angles.

  8. Hi Heike!

    While we are taking a break from Sue’s broadcast –
    I need your help in an inquiry that I received. This will be my first GROUP Personal Branding – and I need suggestions for pricing – here is the email –

    “I am a distributor for
    (name of business company left out) I am getting a beach house for my leaders and am wanting to get headshots and maybe some beach pics done on that Saturday! Just wanted to see what we could do!

    So – I don’t know yet how many people we are talking about – but if I could just get some kind of suggestion for how you would price this – I would very much appreciate the direction!

    1. Hi Malgorzata! The next package up starts at $1500 and my highest package is $3000. No there is no additional session fee. After the shoot, they select which images they would like.

    2. And how many images are you including with the $1500 and $3000 packages? Thank you! Such great inspiration!

  9. WoW, thanks for sharing. I was having an issue on how to add headshot to my business. This idea just makes sence, thanks for sharing.

    Troy Anthony