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31:01 Duration

Personal Branding Actor Headshots


  1. Love the posing tips, but stuff like the bra strap, folded shirt at back and shine on lips are so distracting. I think moving and clamping and restyling are things every photographer has to do throughout a shoot, so better to see those things happening and resetting would all be good tips.

  2. I agree with both of you. I think it is really the photographer that takes the subject and makes them want to work with the photographer. When I see all, these people (Sue, Lindsay Adler, and Peter Hurley) they are all top of their field in their industry. I see them shoot at BH Video and then at Creative Live and it really is matter of opinion how you get along with that person. Personality makes a big difference in the head shot department and how successful you can make your subject into a life time gig. Also, how your name gets passed on from your client to their next 5 subjects.

  3. I tried Peter Hurley’s headshots and this is so much better for me. His style is too gimmicky- Sue makes it easy, natural and it just flows better with soft light. Love it!

    1. If you spend time studying with Peter you will see that he and Sue are teaching very much the same techniques for headshots. The main difference I see is that Peter does not work with seated models and his manner is, well, slightly more exuberant than Sue’s. I guess it’s to each his own when it comes to the kind of teaching style you prefer. But having seen both photographers in action it’s ultimately all about the results that both Sue and Peter get from the humans who step in front of their cameras and how they encourage others to achieve the same from their clients.

    1. She said like 20 to choose from before starting retouching, so I’m assuming 20? Good question

  4. This was a very direct informative set. She was natural and the shots were simple. It proves how little we need to change her position or the angle of her head, direction of the chin to make a better shot. I appreciate hearing Sue’s directions to her client. It never stops until she’s getting what she wants. Thanks.