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50+ and Fabulous

Women over 50 are everything to me.

Over the years I’ve loved building my folio for women over 50.

She is the matriarch of the family unit. She desires photos of herself and her children, and will organize and bring in multiple generations to your studio. And often she’ll pay for the lot. As a client she’s extraordinary.

And these women are GREAT BUSINESS! Statistically women over fifty are the wealthiest demographic in the world. Yet they are almost completely ignored in international marketing.

In this NEW 2-Day live event I’ll not only be teaching you how to shoot, market, and sell to this incredible demographic. We will showcase fabulous photographers starting their own studio businesses in their 50’s and beyond!


  1. Hi guys,
    Love it so much………………but………… being a man I would think it would be harder for a woman to open up to in that situation, I was thinking of teaching my assistant how to interview. What is your thoughts on that? I am 50 a stand up comedian and this is my new venture and am super charged and excited. Take the bull by the horns.

  2. Can I suggest, Sue does a live shoot with a woman in white tank top and white pants, and make as many different looks with just scarves and fabrics over the same base outfit (white tank top) as she possible can in one hour? That would really help those of us who have the beautiful fabrics and scarves, but don’t quite know how to wrap it for optimum effect.

    1. I know she has the black sash tutorial, but that’s all black satin on black and we photographers would only shoot a limited number of black on black in any given shoot. I would like to see more with scrapes of fabric the white tank top, since every woman always brings a white tank top to their shoot. 🙂

    2. Have you asked this question on the big group? Thousands of people have been working on different versions of the wraps.

  3. Now you have said it :D, the teeth story, with the brother, fear of dentist, losing teeth more than once, uncomfortable with a smile, just one more level to relate on!! Keeping it real and relatable; thank you again for reminding us that we all live with imperfections; we are human!

  4. I realized after watching this video with Ann that the natural light problem I have in my garage studio can be remedied by using my wonderful living room window when I need to. Having to move some furniture is no longer blocking my vision.

  5. at the very end of the Q&A video, Sue said she would keep a page open. What’s the page? Is there a ’50 and fabulous’ group on FB? TIA, Melissa

    1. I was listening on headphones turned all the way up (as this was the only way to hear anything) and as soon as another notification came on my computer I about lost my hearing! Lol

  6. The audio has been relatively weak lately in some of the videos. It’s better when using headphones. Other than that, fantastic content, as always. Wouldn’t change a thing.

    1. I thought it was just me. I turned my volume up to max and it was still low yet mutt gps was super loud so I’m unable to watch videos while traveling ?