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45:52 Duration

Two Strobes

This is Sue’s very first photo shoot using TWO strobes she will walk you through how she uses two Profoto B1 lights with XL Umbrellas that are 65″ wide.

Sue spent some time learning to use one strobe and wanted to push myself to try more.

Sue has really high ceilings and windows in my studio and she wanted to try to replicate the natural light that she gets that filters down from the ceiling by using two strobes.

This has become Sue’s favorite set up with lights and she is so excited to show you in this video series!

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  1. Hi, could we please get some camera settings? 🙂 When the first photo was taken, she was about to give some camera settings, but it looks like that portion was skipped in the video.

    1. She is using a black foam core V-flat and behind it there is an Oliphant Studios backdrop.