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12 Week Graduation!


  1. Sue, sharing Kristina Houser’s journey, and her amazing space, makes it so real for me! Thank you, both! I am so on my way!!! I hope I am able to share my space with you one day. I can hardly wait!

  2. Question for anyone….I see 7 “chapters” for week 12 graduation videos but none of them seem to be the closing segment. I may have missed or maybe it is not posted yet?? Any help would be appreciated.

  3. Hi, is the workbook that Sue mentions just for those who paid the full year straight up? I can’t find it on her site. But that is maybe because I pay monthly. Anybody know?

    1. She creates a PDF for each week that you can print out and use for reference. They aren’t all done because there is not an infinite amount of time, but be patient and it will be there. I’m looking forward to it!

  4. Hi everyone, I wonder if Sue mentioned the dimensions of the softbox she is using in the 1st live shoot. Could it be 45′? Is her strobe very powerful? B1, B2…? This light is so gorgeous!!

  5. I thought the graduation would be like a recap of the 12 weeks. I have learned so much from this segment! So enjoyed this 12 weeks. Cant wait to see whats next!

  6. Oh my gosh SUE!!!!!! You are such an incredible speaker & teacher – you blow my mind every time I watch a new video!! The posing sections are incredible – no one teaches posing like you ?????? Thank you

  7. Oh my gosh Kristina – your story is so amazing and inspiring. I was inspired into offering Sue’s style of portraits on the struggles with mental health, body image, and eating disorder of my (then) 10 year old daughter but now I am focussed building a business that fulfills me, that gives back to my community, that serves women, and supports my family financially and with my schedule.
    Your studio is absolutely drool worthy. It’s so beautiful and welcoming

  8. Sorry guys, I know you’re working hard on all these live streamings and putting up the videos to the site but could you turn up the volume please a bit more? I can barely hear a thing and I’m on full volume.

  9. I remember when Kristina was videoed in to CL for a PDF transformation with Sue. Watching this growth and another successful studio built on Sue’s model is exhilarating to see. Wonderful studio tour!

  10. I absolutely adore how she adapted parts of Sue’s model and made them her own. This tour was brilliant. I’m also thrilled to see someone else shoot outdoor glamour 🙂 This education site is invaluable. Such a blessing.

  11. I love how she took Sue’s education and made it her own. The salon as part of it is genius. Thanks for sharing! It was an amazing tour including the interview in getting to know Kristina. #goals

  12. Watching this tour of Kristina’s studio and hearing her story just makes me want to grab my bag, fold down the lap top and run out of the door of this office I am an employee in. I have $2000 in the bank but I can’t wait anymore. I am doing this NOW

  13. Thank you Sue this was great! I seam to learn something new every time I watch you! and loved seeing Kristinas Studio!!! think I may pop in to see her one day she is 50 miles away from my place.