Would You Book You?

August 9, 2019 Uncategorized

I have a visualization for you.

Have you ever booked yourself a photographer and had the full experience?

I truly believe as portrait photographers we should be photographed every year ourselves by someone we respect and admire.

We should pay for this service and honor our craft, nothing will get you more attention in your studio than a portrait of you, but that’s not the challenge, that’s just me on my soapbox.

Find a comfortable quiet place for 10-20 minutes you can walk if you prefer I like to walk and visualize.

You are going to be photographed and you’ve got say a budget of $3000 maybe you could maybe push it to $5000 if you got someone really good.

Who is that dream photographer?

What product will you choose?

You choose a photographer because you love their style and their work, and there is part of you that sees yourself in their brand or in their gallery or in their marketing or in their demographic. What do you love? What are you drawn to?

How do you see yourself in this brand?

These are your people, this is your photographer and this is how you want to look, this is how you see yourself.

Have you got that vision?

Now you are going to book that photographer knowing or rather hoping that they can produce for you something like what’s in that gallery and that is the moment of hope, faith and trust, that is the moment you create.

Hope faith and trust that your investment is going to pay off and this photographer is going to deliver, although there is a somewhat moneyback guarantee if we don’t like the images, maybe we will lose the sitting fee so there is a safety net.

Are you ready to book? Pull the trigger?

What would YOU need in this moment?

To feel good about this commitment/investment?

Is the value in customer service?
Is the value in the product?
Is the value in the experience?

What did they send you: an email, a text, a Facebook message, a welcome packet, a professional consultation?

What do you send?

Now imagine it’s a client looking at YOUR BRAND.

This is homework—have fun.

Explore your brand communication, explore how your business connects and attracts. See what you can add to the capture process.

Would you book you?

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  1. Just before I joined SBE I imagined myself being photographed by Sue. I did lots of visualising and I wrote down everything I would expect, from her first communication right through to the end, step by step. This formed the basics of the standards and process I have set for my own business, with a lot of tweaking as I’m going through the courses!

  2. I think it’s time to create those PDFs… I completely overlooked how important they are. Definitely looks better than just sending a standard email response.