Westcott’s X-Drop Travel Backdrop System

August 5, 2019 Partners
During last week’s Personal Branding and Headshot LIVE, Sue discussed the gear she recommends you take with you on-location to have a successful shoot. Unless the location has a perfectly painted clear wall, you will need at least one backdrop. Since traveling with a huge backdrop may not be an option, She recommends Westcott’s X-Drop wrinkle-resistant super travel-friendly backdrop.
Westcott has a huge variety of styles in vinyl and canvas backdrops all compatible with the X-Drop system. Print on demand backdrops are offered on the website as well. Check out these beautiful images shot by Sue on Westcott’s backdrops.

You can get the entire system, in either black, white or gray, for as little as $119. (5’x12′ sweep available for $139). This includes:

  • One 5’x7′ Backdrop
  • The X-Drop Frame
  • Carrying Case

The X-Drop System is wrinkle-free, sets up in 2 minutes or less, and weighs under 3 lbs (including the travel case) making it perfect for traveling on-location. Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think!

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