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You are Photographing for Women. You are selling to Women. You are Marketing to Women. Even if the Boys come into the shoot it’s predominately a Women’s ‘Shopping Market’

This is NOT a sexist statement this is a fact. It doesn’t matter if you are a Female or Male photographer you too need to know your Audience so you can Market to them.

The Newborn Mother, The Bride, The Mom, The Grandmother are you speaking to these Women? Which of these demographics do you want to attract, speak too?

Are you marketing to the demographic of your genre?

The shopping demographics are internationally known as

  • Girl Power 18 – 32 No Children (Saves for a house still sponges off Mom and Dad) Seniors, graduation, 21st Birthday Mother and Daughter shoots
  • Independent Woman Over 32 No Children (Earns the most Spends the Most) This is you Boudoir Shoot, Your Glamour shoot your ‘Girls day out’ champagne group
  • Family First – Any women with Children (Time Poor / Best Internet Researcher / Last on the shopping list) So connect with her online and make it fast and fabulous
  • 50 Plus – Senior women age 50 and older control net worth of $19 trillion and own more than three-fourths of the nation’s financial wealth This women is the least marketed to demographic in the worlds and she is controlling a large portion of the worlds wealth

These Videos are about speaking to demographics, about speaking my message, try to make them short and fun to watch. Remember to upload your video organically to facebook your reach and engagement will be 50 times higher. Embed them in your site and put them on YouTube and Vimeo. Use links and tags always encourage comments, talk back to boost engagement. Learn to edit or hire an editor or use Animoto for $239 a year you can make unlimited high resolution videos with Licensed Music there is no excuse to not make great little videos for your business. SPECIAL OFFER – Get 20% off Animoto Professional using promo code SUE2015 until October 31st 2015 The objective here is getting your brand seen. People will watch a video before they read text.

No more complaining about Facebook Algorithm you have NO right to complain about a FREE Social Media Site designed specifically to connect you to the world. They changed the rules a little to enhance their business so lets just adjust and work within their rules. IT’s NOT A CONSPIRACY. Look at it like this Anything that keeps you on Facebook will get seen by more people Example: If I post a link to youtube you will simply not get as many clicks because people want to scroll and watch not leave facebook. I have heard people say that if the video is ON facebook then facebook will not limit how many people see it because they too want the traffic to stay on facebook. I do not know how much of this is true but I did try this.

Last week I posted a link away for a video it got 775 clicks and 249 likes and share then I posted a video organically to my facebook page it got 7900 clicks and 2200 likes and shares see a screenshot of the stats. Don’t be afraid to put the video everywhere YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and embed it on your website the goal here is visibility and remember to link and tag.

Last year Pinterest had a higher video share than YouTube (NOTE I said share not upload) so of course the fastest way to share your video is Pinterest. NOW Pinterest, Facebook, Vimeo and Youtube all want your traffic all of them want to get you on there site. So use them all.

This week In three days this video got over 34,900 views organically posted straight to my business page.

Little Girl with Big Plans – Shot and edited by Hailey Bartholomew. I wanted to show a senior school age girl growing into her beauty and life. Not a girl anymore and not yet a woman.

All the Pennies – Shot and edited by Hailey Bartholomew I wanted this video to showcase a Mums day out. I wanted to make sure the message was not ‘My life without kids’ but rather a beautiful day as a Woman which is why I ended it with the kids coming to pick her up.

I am a Warrior – Shot by Susan Roderick edited on Animoto.

I am a Goddess – Shot by Susan Roderick Made from the basics. 5D markiii/35mm 5Dmark ii 50mm voice recorded on garageband with no mic (daylight). Edited on Premier Elements $85 by Susan Roderick. Hair and Make up Tisha Ricco
Music from

Friendship – Shot by Sally Sargood edited on Animoto. This is a true beautiful story and I want to communicate the double makeover and photoshoot because it’s my favorite.

A Mothers Worth – Shot by Sally Sargood edited on Animoto. This message is the same story I’ve heard for 26 years “NO not me just the kids.” Well one day your children will look for photos of you! What will they find? #existinphotos

57 is Fabulous Film Maker Alejandra Vidal Music – Second Class Citizen by Dexter Britain (The Music Bed)


  1. How do you get the clients to do the voice overs for the videos? Do you do it before, during, and after the shoot or do you approach them and show them the footage?