Unforgettable Maternity & Newborn Photography with Kristina Reche

April 22, 2022 Artist Spotlight

Clubhouse Conversation: Kristina Reche

Maternity Photography and Newborn Photography are genres that fit so well together. This blog shares expert tips to help you be successful in each one.

In the latest episode of the Portrait System Podcast: Clubhouse Edition, Kevin Conde and Ashleigh Taylor chat with Kristina Reche, a Maternity and Newborn Photographer based in Barcelona, Spain. Kristina shares so many useful tips for working with mothers-to-be and their newborn babies. If you are working with these genres or are curious about them, you won’t want to miss listening to this episode!

Kristina began her photography career working in fashion and editorial photography. When one of her models became pregnant, she did her first maternity shoot and loved it so much. When her model had the baby, she did her first newborn shoot, and quickly learned that she needed a lot more training to become successful in this challenging genre. Now, Kristina primarily shoots maternity, offering her baby planning sessions — for 6 days, 4 months, 8 months, and 12 months — only to her maternity clients who she wishes to work with more.

Be sure to listen to the whole podcast to hear helpful details on tips and tricks Kristina uses for each genre. Here are a few of the gems she shares for Maternity Photography:

  • Mothers-to-be often don’t feel beautiful. They have swelling and stretch marks that can make them feel self-conscious. Kristina lets them know photogenics is about confidence, not perfection. She assures them that she knows how to pose them to bring out their best. And, she tells them that as soon as she takes the first shot and shows them the back of the camera, “the goddess will enter the room.”
  • Don’t try to hurry through a maternity shoot. Make sure the mothers-to-be know to let you know when they need breaks. Some of them get leg cramps while posing. It’s so important to stop whenever they need.
  • If you provide outfits, consider having an online catalog that your clients can browse through to select what they’d like to wear in their shoot. To get a new outfit photographed, Kristina will ask a client near the end of their session if they’d like to try it on. They almost always say yes.
  • Maternity is great for beginners. The posing is simpler because it’s all about the bump.

Here are a few of her tips for Newborn and Baby Photography:

  • Having an adorable baby outfit in your studio is a great way to get a mother-to-be to ask about your Newborn Photography.
  • New babies are very fragile. It’s so important to know how to pose them safely if you are going to do this type of photography.
  • Plan for the first hour of your session to have the mother feed baby and put the baby to sleep. If a newborn is fussy, it is most likely because the baby is hungry.
  • If the mother is nervous, the baby will be, too. Sometimes, it’s best to have the mom and dad sit on the couch while you take charge of posing. If the mother and baby are separated, then the baby can calm down even if the mom is nervous.
  • Cake smashes at the first birthday have become a popular photoshoot, but most babies are not interested in smashing a cake and don’t even want to put their hands in it. Instruct the mother to do a rehearsal of this at home before the shoot. Put the babies hands in the cake so that they can get used to the feel before the shoot. This will help the shoot be more successful. Oftentimes, doing a bath shoot after the cake smash shoot is even more productive than the cake smash itself.

These are just some of the amazing pro tips Kristina shared about her Maternity and Newborn Photography business. Be sure to listen to the whole podcast to find out even more great advice and ideas for marketing, wardrobe, the shoot, pricing and packages, and the reveal.

In this blog, you’ll find some of  Kristina’s elegant, unforgettable maternity portraits, links to her websites, and answers to some bonus questions.

Here are links to some things mentioned in this conversation:

That might sound like an odd connection to make, but there is a similarity between nervous owners and misbehaving pets and nervous mothers and fussy babies!

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Get to Know Kristina

Q: When did you first come across Sue Bryce Education, and how has it affected your career?

A: I met Sue Bryce at her first online workshop on CreativeLive in 2012 , and I fell in love with her work and her education from the very first moment. It was totally a turning point in my career. I remember I was starting in fashion photography, and all her knowledge was so refreshing, not just technically, but also in business and motivation. When Sue Bryce Education was born, it was a photographer’s dream. Everything you need to learn is there — literally. And it keeps growing everyday! No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced photographer, there is unlimited content on it.

Q: When first starting out, many photographers hit roadblocks on their journey to start their business — whether they feel their equipment isn’t good enough or need a studio to start a business. What roadblocks did you encounter, and how did you get over them?

A: Like everyone, the beginning was hard, no money and so many equipment and things you need to buy. I started in 2010 in the living room of my apartment, moving all the furniture each time I had a shoot!  Then, I moved to a shared studio around 2012, and finally, I rented my dream studio in 2015 till now.

Q: How do you feel about your current work/life balance?

A: Actually, I’m in a point of slowing down my business. It has been so crazy for the last years. Not only do I have my client’s photography studio work, but also my own educational project, and I’ve been travelling a lot due to this for the last 6 years with so many international projects around the world. To find balance with life has been hard. Having 2 business takes a lot of your energy and time. Now I am working on this — fixing new goals and planning new strategies towards them — to have the life I want.

Q: What (beyond money) has owning a business given you?

A: For me, the journey to start and grow my own business has been so empowering. I really feel so proud of myself, and that makes me feel also that I am capable of achieving anything I really want.

Q: What is your favorite advice that you’ve been given along your journey that has helped you the most?

A: Trust in your intuition, and don’t let others’ fears get in your way. Work with clear objectives in mind and take action towards them. 

Also, shoot only what you love and always have time for creative projects.

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00:00:00:21 – 00:00:37:09

Welcome to the Portrait System podcast. I’m your host, Nikki Closser, and this show is here to help you succeed in the world of photography and business, to help you learn to become financially free, doing what you love and so much more. With over 1 million downloads, countless photographers have taken what they’ve learned from both our episodes and from theportraitsystem.com. And they have grown their businesses, quit their day jobs and are designing a life of their dreams. We keep it real and share stories about the ups and downs that come with running a photography business. You’ll hear real life stories of how other photographers run their business, and you’ll learn actionable steps that you can take to reach your own goals.

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Thank you so much for being here. And let’s get started.

00:00:40:24 – 00:01:16:11

Hey, everyone, it’s Ashleigh Taylor, and I’m excited to introduce you to this week’s Clubhouse Edition of the podcast. This week, Kevin and I spoke with Kristina Reche. She is a Barcelona based photographer specialising in maternity and newborn photography. In this fun conversation, we explored how Kristina markets herself and finds clients for maternity and newborn sessions. Her best tips and tricks for shooting maternity and newborn sessions, and how she strategically shoots to sell her packages.

00:01:17:01 – 00:01:29:06

Kristina gave some really great advice and was able to answer some questions from our live audience as well. I learned a lot from this conversation, and I know you will, too. So let’s get started.

00:01:29:27 – 00:02:01:06

Welcome everyone to the Portrait System Podcast Clubhouse Edition. My name is Kevin Conde and I’m here with my co-host, Ashleigh Taylor. If you are not familiar with The Portrait System, we are a portrait photography podcast that is powered by Sue Bryce. Nikki Closser hosts our Monday episodes and Ashleigh and I co-host our Clubhouse Edition, which is live here on the Clubhouse app every Friday at noon Pacific. And then our episodes are released on Thursdays. You can tune in on your favorite podcast app by searching for The Portrait System. Ashleigh, How are you doing today?

00:02:02:08 – 00:02:17:16

I am great. Kevin I’m actually well, I’m great, but I’m getting over a cold, so my voice is like a little scratchy. But other than that, I’m good, and I am so excited to be welcoming Kristina. How do you pronounce your last name? Kristina.

00:02:17:22 – 00:02:22:12

Okay. It’s funny. It’s Ray-chay. Yeah.

00:02:22:22 – 00:02:23:07


00:02:24:17 – 00:02:28:18

I know for your life, and it’s difficult to pronounce, so I am trying.

00:02:30:10 – 00:02:32:25

Oh I can say it. Ashleigh’s going to have a hard time.

00:02:33:04 – 00:02:34:14

That we’re going to like having

00:02:35:29 – 00:02:43:15

your name officially. But I’m so excited that you’re here. Kristina Reche especially joining us from Barcelona. So welcome.

00:02:43:25 – 00:02:44:12

Thanks. Thanks.

00:02:45:22 – 00:03:12:18

Do not worry. I have the same problem. People see my last name and you know, the way I pronounce it. And for everyone to say it, it’s Conde. But. But I know maybe for you being able to see my last name, it’s it’s actually pronounced Conde there for, for people out there. So people see it and they’re all like Conde conquered and they they don’t know how to say it. So trust me, I completely understand.

00:03:12:20 – 00:03:13:06


00:03:14:14 – 00:03:41:28

So as I was saying, we are excited to have you on. I don’t believe we’ve had a photographer that specializes in maternity or newborn just yet. So I’m actually very eager to talk to you and hear about everything that goes into a session, because I know that there are precautions that you want to take as well as managing a shoot is different than a portrait session.

00:03:43:20 – 00:03:52:24

But we will. Before we get into that, let me ask you, what drew you to maternity and newborn photography?

00:03:53:29 – 00:03:56:00

Okay. That’s a good question.

00:03:57:20 – 00:04:02:13

Actually, I started in fashion photography in 2010.

00:04:04:07 – 00:04:33:26

I started working as an assistant for another photographer, and I thought my career will go in this way, but one of my models got pregnant and she asked me to do her maternity session and I really enjoyed it. It was it was easy for me and and I really love it. And then she had the baby. I had this baby that was not easy at all.

00:04:35:12 – 00:04:44:14

It was a nightmare. I mean, I don’t know how these things follow later. I, I think my first newborn says it was, like, 9 hours. Oh.

00:04:44:19 – 00:04:45:20

Oh, my God.

00:04:46:04 – 00:04:46:19


00:04:46:24 – 00:04:49:18

That’s longer than a wedding, you know?

00:04:49:24 – 00:05:32:01

I was like, okay, why do babies not sleeping? I can understand, but I was not trained for it. I after this session, I was like so shocked. And I went to find out how to how to train myself in this file and see newborn sessions are totally different to any other sessions. You you really need to not only be a photographer, you need to to know your model very well and to handle a baby but safely and to be able to photograph baby while they don’t wake up, that’s not easy.

00:05:33:04 – 00:06:02:13

So I opened my studio in 2012. I know in 2014, and I thought I was going to be doing fashion photography. But mostly I started working a lot of newborn and maternity sessions. I had sessions almost every day, so I, I couldn’t even think about fashion at all. This is how it all began. Well.

00:06:02:21 – 00:06:29:07

I mean, can I ask like, how did it get so busy right away with maternity and baby clients when that wasn’t really what you were? It sounds like A it wasn’t what you were wanting to do and then B just because we get so many people in our community who, you know, they open the doors to their business. And the common complaint we hear is, I just don’t have enough clients. I just don’t have enough clients. So do you have any secrets you can share with us?

00:06:30:06 – 00:07:01:24

Well, the thing with maternity and babies, it’s that babies are born every day. In Barcelona, it’s like 1200 babies a month. I mean, there’s no you know, I mean, even do you just can like do 15 babies a month, maybe there’s there’s job for a lot of people. So it was not a big thing in in 2012. In 2012 when I started.

00:07:02:04 – 00:07:47:07

So there were not so many newborn photographers in my town. Maybe we were five or six. So it was pretty easy to to be out there. And I didn’t do all any special things, but I did a lot of marketing. I’m a I’m a graphic designer. And at that time, no one had big websites or. There were no templates or anything like this. So I think my my big point was to have a very nice website at the beginning and, and a very graphic I don’t know how to say it.

00:07:47:09 – 00:07:47:24

I mean.

00:07:49:01 – 00:07:57:04

Like a well-designed yeah, that looks like high end and fashionable and yeah, I mean, yeah, I think that that’s definitely an advantage.

00:07:57:12 – 00:08:09:22

And I inverted a lot in my studio is very beautiful and not only functional it was like very beautiful studio as well and I think this was a big point for me

00:08:11:09 – 00:08:18:18

and also maternity it’s it’s easy to find our models because I mean, you can see them on the street.

00:08:19:06 – 00:08:19:24

You know,

00:08:21:27 – 00:08:26:11

you wouldn’t happen to be pregnant, would you? Because I have an experience for you.

00:08:26:21 – 00:08:37:18

I mean, guys, I don’t know about you, but I don’t ask anybody if they’re pregnant because there’s literally nothing worse than if you mistake someone for I pregnant.

00:08:38:07 – 00:08:50:07

I mean there but I mean you can you can just go to any place and have to see like a pregnant woman where they go. I mean, they go to yoga for pregnancy.

00:08:50:13 – 00:08:51:13

That’s a good point.

00:08:51:28 – 00:08:58:25

Yeah, yeah, yeah. And usually they go to clinics, it says it’ll find them. Yeah.

00:09:00:05 – 00:09:21:22

Yeah, that’s a good point because I mean, I think you bring up a really good point that there’s a lot of co-marketing opportunities for maternity photographers because there are so many like businesses or practices that have pregnant clientele, like a prenatal yoga or workout studio. But yeah.

00:09:21:24 – 00:09:25:15

Yeah. Like echo 3d or 4d

00:09:25:17 – 00:09:48:02

Yeah, like the ultrasound. I think we call it an ultrasound in the United States. Yeah. And then, yeah, like, maybe like babies in waves. Yeah. Maybe some Midwifery do realize there’s a lot of services in that, the childbirth pregnancy kind of wellness space. So yeah, that is a really good point that you, you can pinpoint like collaborators or business.

00:09:48:04 – 00:09:48:19


00:09:48:21 – 00:09:49:08

To work with.

00:09:50:11 – 00:10:06:21

Actually, I had a plan to do a lot of networking with all this business, but I didn’t mean it. I, I was working every day and I didn’t do 10% of what I was planning to do for my marketing.

00:10:07:22 – 00:10:41:13

Oh, wow. That’s amazing. I mean, in a way, it’s kind of reminds me of wedding photography and in a little bit of a way, because with weddings, like, it almost feels like once your name gets out, there is that’s what you do. People just inquire because they know exactly what you know. They know exactly what you do and they need that service. And it’s just kind of like easy for them, whereas like maybe a portrait shoot, that’s just kind of because is a little more difficult for people to kind of wrap their head around.

00:10:42:10 – 00:11:12:23

And another thing that’s like I’m wondering if it’s similar to weddings, though, is with weddings, a lot of times you shoot that client, though, and then you’re done. They’re not coming back for, well, maybe another wedding, hopefully, right? So like with a maternity and a baby, you obviously you have the maternity section, then you have the newborn shoot. But are you doing older babies as well? Are you photographing them through childhood? How are you getting like that repeat business?

00:11:13:00 – 00:11:36:00

We also have the baby plan, but it has like the four, eight and 12 month sessions and we have like a cake smash out when when they are one year old. I don’t do kids. I just the from baby little babies till 12, 12 months.

00:11:37:18 – 00:11:41:12

It’s fine. I’ve never heard of a cake smash for a one year old.

00:11:41:23 – 00:11:44:19

Oh, you haven’t Kevin. This is like a whole thing.

00:11:45:26 – 00:11:50:02

Yeah. Things for, like, weddings when you do like the what does it wreck the dress?

00:11:51:03 – 00:11:53:17

It’s trash the dress.

00:11:53:19 – 00:11:58:24

I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Yeah. Where you do those? But I’ve never heard of

00:12:01:14 – 00:12:01:29


00:12:02:01 – 00:12:13:23

I think it’s my phone. It’s. I’m not into this so much. Usually parents want to do it, but babies don’t realize it’s so much. Yeah, I was going to say.

00:12:14:02 – 00:12:45:20

Really funny story that or I mean, maybe I’m just a mom and I think it’s a funny story, but when my son turned one, since I’m a photographer, I was like, Oh, I’ll take his cake smash photo. So I mean, my husband, he likes to bake as like a hobby, make this like really fancy looking cake. And we went to my studio, he set up the whole shoot, and my son had, like, no interest in touching the frosting and smashing the cake. It was like the most failed thing ever. He was like, I don’t want to get dirty. I mean, he couldn’t talk like that was his body language was like.

00:12:45:22 – 00:13:12:29

But this is very usual babies. Usually they don’t like the texture and they are about they don’t like to get dirty. I mean, even moms, they say, oh, my baby, the part gets me there. The people love it. I always I always felt moms do it at home. They would put their hands up with a baby on on this. Not that I don’t know how they say.

00:13:14:03 – 00:13:15:01

What color.

00:13:15:08 – 00:13:16:13

White cream? Not the.

00:13:18:09 – 00:13:18:24


00:13:18:26 – 00:13:22:14

white cream. Probably the cake cream.

00:13:22:21 – 00:13:24:21

Oh, I know the frosting.

00:13:25:20 – 00:13:44:13

Yeah. Just put the baby’s hands on it and and see the reaction of the baby because it will be the same in the studio. Then we get very excited on this. But the I always say, okay, we can just do the the back decoration, the party decoration, but we don’t need to.

00:13:45:17 – 00:13:46:02


00:13:46:13 – 00:13:48:10

the cake.

00:13:48:12 – 00:14:00:02

Yeah, that’s so, it’s just so funny to me. I feel like one person must have done this, like, successfully and then went on Pinterest and then, like, everyone, including myself, like, bought into the idea that babies love it.

00:14:00:26 – 00:14:28:13

Well, maybe it’s maybe something that some of them they do. I had a baby that was all the time eating the eating. I mean, his head was inside the cake. Don’t even take a picture of it because he can’t look at the camera at all. But that’s just one in a thousand. It’s funny. Um, then after the cake, we have the bath.

00:14:30:00 – 00:14:31:13

We beautiful little bath shot.

00:14:32:24 – 00:14:37:22

Yeah, they love this one. This way. It’s very. It’s very fun for them.

00:14:38:15 – 00:14:43:07

Yeah. Yeah, I could see, like, babies do tend to love, like, water more than like.

00:14:45:20 – 00:15:03:07

But what they what what they do more in the studio it’s maternity is the actually I, I used to watch a lot of newborn but now I’m more into maternity I do baby I still do babies but I have a lot of work in maternity right now and I can handle so many sessions.

00:15:03:29 – 00:15:22:27

So. Speaking of that, like, do you see and you said something about a baby plan. So when you get a maternity client, are you selling them like a whole package with multiple photoshoots and sittings over in the journey? Or is it really just the maternity session or how are you like kind of selling to the client?

00:15:23:14 – 00:15:55:08

I do it separately. First, I sell them maternity and they can they can ask me or I they have like a $50 discount if they do both, but they don’t sell anything else. And then woman once I deliver these sessions, what I usually do, it’s, it’s funny because they arrive to the studio to pick up their products. And I always have like sitter set prepared.

00:15:55:24 – 00:16:06:22

They’re like with baby clothes. And when they arrive to the studio, they are like, Oh my God, I love this video. Sitter sessions. And I was like, Oh, I didn’t tell you

00:16:09:00 – 00:16:09:15


00:16:09:17 – 00:16:16:18

Oh, so you’re dropping that that little bit, that little nugget of of an idea into their head initially.

00:16:16:21 – 00:16:22:07

Then with yes, it works very well because I have this baby

00:16:24:01 – 00:16:57:21

teddy bear outfit for a baby that all the mums want their babies on it. So when they see it they are like, oh they imagine their baby on on the set and they’re like, okay, I want, I want to feel this way for one year more because they are really happy on the delivery. It’s like the experience. It’s very good and they want to keep it going on. I don’t offer the baby plans to all my clients, just to the clients.

00:16:57:23 – 00:17:01:10

I want to work with them for a full year okay.

00:17:01:22 – 00:17:06:07

Like, oh, she was hard to work with. I’m going to have to because when she comes in.

00:17:07:00 – 00:17:13:27

Yeah, yeah. I mean, sometimes you don’t get a match with a family or something and it’s like, okay, I don’t want.

00:17:14:13 – 00:17:14:28


00:17:15:11 – 00:17:30:04

All here, okay? But usually I know what clients are going to be good clients and I do in person sales and I know what clients will upgrade after the sessions and I prefer to work with them.

00:17:31:03 – 00:17:53:05

Yeah, that makes sense. Yeah, I’m. And so let’s talk a little bit about your client experience because I know that you have a unique experience in where you work with clients. So when someone inquires like, what is the next step that you’re doing to create this like incredible experience for them?

00:17:54:00 – 00:18:01:06

Okay, the first thing is asking when is their due date? That’s the most important to see

00:18:02:23 – 00:18:18:10

if we have availability and we have a place for them. Okay. And I will send them the information via email. And it’s all very well explained there about how do we work.

00:18:20:02 – 00:18:58:26

And if they have any question, then they can call me back and. We can talk a little bit about that. Usually they call me and I. I explain to them about all of the workload that we will do. I usually do a consultation with them via Zoom before the shipping, and I design in majority what we do. I design the system as I will do with an editorial. The section includes a basic package of ten images, and I work every much as a company, much I always.

00:18:58:29 – 00:19:03:27

So that makes sense. So what I do with them, it’s make them pick

00:19:05:14 – 00:19:25:02

some of my Instagram or website images just as a reference so I know what kind of images they like. And in the Zoom consultation, we’ll talk about how they want to be photographed, what’s their style. And. And we will design together this session.

00:19:26:12 – 00:19:44:15

Okay. Okay. So you’re using the references of everything you’ve already shot before? Because I would think that movement. Yes. During a pregnancy is kind of limited. So you kind of already have an idea of what they can a pregnant woman can do. So in the show, then the images is to see what their favorite is.

00:19:45:03 – 00:20:22:04

Yes. Usually that is people that they prefer, not as much as they some someone would prefer. Fabrics, modern outfits. Gowns. It’s every woman is different. Some people just. If you just let me do whatever I want. That’s. That’s my favorite. Once people it’s like, I want this picture, this picture and this picture that really gets it’s easy, but it’s boring when they do this because sometimes they just want me to replicate another image of me or myself.

00:20:22:06 – 00:20:22:21


00:20:24:20 – 00:20:25:05


00:20:26:20 – 00:21:00:05

Sometimes they just choose the outfit, and once I meet them, I. I know how or what can they do or not. I will pose them the branding of their personality. Usually during the makeup and hair we have like one hour and a half. What I can tell them and I can. I can see it. They can tell me their story. I can know a little bit more about them. So I know if they can move or not.

00:21:01:00 – 00:21:10:13

Usually they tell you, okay, they are. They come usually around 28 weeks or 30 weeks. They are not too heavy so

00:21:12:08 – 00:21:16:01

they should not have a problem on moving so much. Yeah.

00:21:16:28 – 00:21:27:26

That makes sense. And do you feel like they get pretty tired during the show? Like, are you trying to keep the shoot to a certain length to not, like, kind of overdo it for them or anything like that?

00:21:28:26 – 00:21:46:05

The shoot takes around 2 hours, but I always tell them that I’m not in a hurry. They will stop all the times that they need because there are some movements for a pregnant woman, like putting your your toe.

00:21:48:02 – 00:21:49:07

Like pointing a toe.

00:21:49:09 – 00:22:18:16

Yeah. You know, this is very difficult for some of them. They get leg cramps and and I just make them to tell me all the time I am clear this problem. Okay? You’re uncomfortable. I need a break. Yes. I always tell them not to stay quiet. So if it’s time that they need to rest. I try to. It’s like a yoga session for them. Okay.

00:22:18:26 – 00:22:19:12


00:22:20:09 – 00:22:36:17

So it sounds like you’re very, very accommodating for. For any sort of time and rest. You know, as you said, you have you’re not in a rush. You’re not looking to get out of there. Yeah. Whatever time it takes will take, you know. But that’s the average. It will, you know, length of.

00:22:36:21 – 00:22:37:06


00:22:38:08 – 00:22:44:17

And. Oh can I clarify, is the 2 hours with hair and makeup or is it. No, the hair. Makeup is.

00:22:44:19 – 00:22:45:20

Two. After the hair.

00:22:45:22 – 00:22:46:07


00:22:47:11 – 00:22:52:13

How to make up. It’s one hour and a half and then around 2 hours. That should be.

00:22:52:23 – 00:23:12:09

Okay. That’s basically what I do for my, like, portrait glamour type sessions too. That’s like how long they run. I know there’s some people in our community who are like serious magicians and can do like everything with hair and makeup in like 90 minutes or 2 hours. And I just don’t understand how like the laws of physics work.

00:23:13:03 – 00:23:19:05

I guess my makeup artist is like, is it possible? And she’s like, she looks at me like, you’re crazy. No.

00:23:21:08 – 00:23:28:00

I mean, maybe sometimes like one hour if they are. If they have an easy hair.

00:23:28:14 – 00:23:31:12

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Exactly.

00:23:34:21 – 00:24:04:27

I know. It takes me like 2 hours to shoot too. Like, it just doesn’t seem like I can get all the variety and poses and outfit changes and everything in less time than that. Like, I would love to, but I just can’t seem to do it without it feeling rushed. I feel like it takes time. Also, if someone’s not very like comfortable in front of the camera, to kind of like let their guard down and just sort of become comfortable and let their personality show through.

00:24:04:29 – 00:24:09:11

So, I don’t know, do you have any tricks for getting people to feel comfortable in front of the camera?

00:24:10:14 – 00:24:45:04

I think it’s the most important in the sense that they feel secure and confident about themselves. Most of these women just arrive to a studio and it’s their first photo session or maybe the second after the wedding. And and they tell you, they they are just, like, very shy or they feel. They don’t feel very good with their body like they they are swollen or with stretch marks. I need to make them forget about all this because it’s all about self-confidence.

00:24:45:06 – 00:25:16:00

It’s not. It’s not about perfection. It’s what I do to to get rid of all these insecurities. It’s once I tell them all this, it’s like, okay, this is how it’s going to go. You feel this way now, but don’t worry. I’m going to pose you. I’m going to like you in a certain way. And once you see the back of my camera, you will do like this aha moment. Wow. That’s me.

00:25:16:12 – 00:25:19:00

And then the goddess will enter the room.

00:25:19:27 – 00:25:21:07

Oh, I like this.

00:25:21:28 – 00:25:49:27

Yeah, so they. They it. It always happens. It’s. It’s like a transformation process. And once I know, I know how to do my work and I know how to like them, and they know how to pose them to to take the best self out of their self. So once they see themselves on the back of the end, like, oh, wow, that’s me. And then with the real person.

00:25:51:03 – 00:26:15:26

Yeah, I love that. And that reminds me so much of like everything I’ve learned through the portrait system and creation, because it is really all about that transformation and posing and lighting and just really giving them that supermodel type of experience for the day. And when they can see that, you know, what really is happening for them, they do just light up. So I love that advice.

00:26:16:13 – 00:26:21:15

Yeah, well, I learn everything with Sue Bryce

00:26:21:17 – 00:26:27:11

Don’t we all? What would we do without Sue Bryce?

00:26:27:13 – 00:26:28:09

A family around.

00:26:30:25 – 00:26:50:21

So women normally don’t have? At least not to my knowledge. They don’t normally have maternity clothes in their closet, big flowing gown with made of tulle and everything like that. Where are you getting your outfits you have?

00:26:51:06 – 00:27:03:08

I provide everything. I provide everything for them. I have like more than 300 outfits now, so. Yeah, but not just gowns. Yeah, you can do

00:27:05:00 – 00:27:09:20

a gown with a fabric. Yeah, just with imagination. Sometimes

00:27:11:17 – 00:27:45:15

I have a lot of pictures that you see. It’s a gown, but it’s just the fabric. It’s all clips on the back, and it is like the high couture outfits. Okay. There’s a lot of people that they prefer. For example, modern outfits, like more like more fashion editorial. This is a trend right now in maternity and I use regular clothes from Zara or any and the rest are it’s they don’t, they don’t have to be maternity specific.

00:27:46:04 – 00:27:48:17

Yeah. They’re just like stretchy enough for.

00:27:49:02 – 00:27:49:17


00:27:49:19 – 00:27:50:04

That. Right.

00:27:50:06 – 00:28:21:00

And, and then there are a lot of venors that so much anything else but maternity gowns. You can, you can buy them. But I don’t think really it’s about the outfits. I think I usually I have more people wanting more minimalistic outfits than than fine art outfits. But this is this depends on your style. I offer both. A lot of people just want everything.

00:28:21:12 – 00:28:27:07

Some people just want a modern outfit. Some people they want to try on all the gowns.

00:28:28:25 – 00:28:37:12

So usually I don’t put maximum outfits on my system. If it’s ten shots, sometimes it’s ten outfits.

00:28:37:25 – 00:28:38:13

Oh, wow.

00:28:38:15 – 00:28:39:00

Oh, wow.

00:28:39:15 – 00:28:50:13

Yeah. I was going to ask you, like, how with over 300 pieces, like people figure out what they’re going to wear. Like, how do you have them all like printed in a catalog where they can I.

00:28:50:15 – 00:29:02:14

Have a catalog. Oh, I have an online catalog that once they book me, I, they get access to a stylist and guide and the catalog is there. It’s always,

00:29:04:25 – 00:29:22:26

I’m always putting new pieces on it so it never ends. But I mean, it’s not hundred balance. Maybe they are. I have 300 outfits there. Some are. Some of them they are like more simple outfits. Yeah. And some of them are haute coutire outfits.

00:29:24:00 – 00:30:00:09

That’s very cool, though. Yeah. I love that idea of having a catalog. I’ve had that idea for a long time for my studio. I don’t have the. 300 pieces. I don’t really even know how many pieces I have, but I have a super small studio, so I know that it like physically can’t be 300 pieces. I definitely have a lot and my wardrobe rack is like so crowded now that like people they don’t even really look through it because it’s just so smashed to a stop and it’s a little overwhelming and I know it’s overwhelming. And so I was like, I need to do something where they can know what’s there without having to dig through it.

00:30:00:24 – 00:30:08:16

And people have been like, get another wardrobe rack, but I literally don’t have space in my studio for that. So I love this idea of an online catalog. I think that’s really cool.

00:30:08:19 – 00:30:11:07

But actually even I have 300

00:30:13:02 – 00:30:29:24

mean maybe they choose always the same. It’s really like there is now like 10 outfits that they always go into the system. It’s like you and I now I have outfits that I haven’t used ever.

00:30:31:00 – 00:30:40:18

Do you do you ever think about like down selling or selling off some of the things that just don’t seem to get used? Or do you just like having it just in case or.

00:30:43:00 – 00:30:46:15

I try to sell them and then I’m like, okay, just in case.

00:30:48:29 – 00:30:50:17

I hold on to this one.

00:30:51:19 – 00:31:28:19

Yeah, no, I, I, I’m asking more for myself just because I, like I said, I’m trying to figure out what to do with my stuff. And then yesterday I had a session and this woman really didn’t bring any. Like, normally my clients bring their own clothes in but she really didn’t bring much in and she didn’t really end up liking what she brought in her own clothes. And she really wanted to play with my stuff. And then I ended up pulling out some pieces that literally I have not shot in five years. And I was like, Well, thank God I have this, you know, but then at the same time, I keep thinking, Oh, I should get rid of that because I don’t ever shoot it.

00:31:28:21 – 00:31:35:22

And it’s just sitting there. And what’s the point? I have such a small space, I should be a minimalist. So I’m basically asking you for advice.

00:31:36:02 – 00:32:11:17

You know what I should do? What what I try to do with all these things I’ve done usually shoot. Okay. I, I used to plan a lot my my session, but I live a little space for improvisation. So when I have some garments, no one has worn. I don’t, I don’t even know if they fit. So I asked my mom if they want to do an extra. Sure. And if they want to try on this, these clothes I just bought or they are they they say always yes and yeah.

00:32:12:12 – 00:32:15:03

So I can make the picture at least for the catalog.

00:32:16:14 – 00:32:25:18

Oh, that’s perfect. I love that. Yeah, I know. I need to get on this catalog idea. I think that’s like my new project that I need to work on. They love it.

00:32:25:27 – 00:32:36:23

And also, I think a lot of garments. Maybe I, I use a tulle gown and I put on some other hooks or I just try.

00:32:36:25 – 00:32:37:10


00:32:37:12 – 00:32:45:22

Recreate it with because I get really bored about myself because people does who wants the same pictures. And if you have a,

00:32:47:10 – 00:33:07:17

if you have an Instagram account, Instagram that they really love, they always ask for the same picture. I try to to make up their mind, but more they want that picture. So sometimes you have to be very creative to try to do another thing that I have not done yet with the same gown.

00:33:08:15 – 00:33:47:19

Yeah, I think you bring up a really good point because I mean, there’s like a beauty to the fact that we create these beautiful images. They are very recreatable in our studio, meaning we have that outfit, we have that backdrop, we know that light set up. But then after a period of time for us, it can start feeling stale, even though for the client it’s, you know, their picture, they don’t never seen a picture like this before. To them, it’s very novel and beautiful. And so there is always that fine line between like efficiency, I guess as a business owner knowing, hey, I’ve got these ten sets, I could do these ten shots that sell really well and just breeze through those vs.

00:33:47:21 – 00:33:56:06

The creative side of you that always want something, something new, and to feel like you’re not stuck in a routine. And I can I can really relate to that.

00:33:56:08 – 00:33:56:25

Oh, yes.

00:33:58:26 – 00:34:31:10

And I really like the idea that you had pointed out where you save time at the end, where you might grab a piece that isn’t used often or hasn’t been used at all, and potentially one use as an opportunity to sell them an image in that beautiful outfit, but also to grab yourself more marketing material. So as you said, people see it on Instagram and that’s what they buy over and over because you’re seeing but now you have the new dresses, the new outfits, the new garments.

00:34:31:17 – 00:34:38:24

They. Can go ahead and place online and hopefully get new inspired clients with new images.

00:34:38:28 – 00:34:42:12

Yes, they went to the big risk. Then we took the new one.

00:34:46:04 – 00:35:06:07

I do want to just invite the audience to ask any questions, if they have any. At this point, you can do that. Well, Michael Padilla, fast with the hand raise. I’m going to invite him as a speaker. But yeah, if anyone has questions in addition to Michael, feel free to raise your hand and welcome, Michael.

00:35:07:24 – 00:35:34:05

Good afternoon, everybody. So my question for Kristina is I’m not sure I understand you correctly, but I’ll ask it anyways. If you’re doing like going to like, let’s say yoga, a place that does for like pregnant women or whatever, what language are you using to go in there instead of? Rather than just going, Hey, I’m a photographer can I take a picture with you type of thing? Like, how would you approach that?

00:35:34:07 – 00:35:59:11

Okay. That’s a good question. What I would do is and I will go to the picture on the room and I will tell her, okay, can you give me 10 minutes of world class with you, with your students, and with your. I think these are my okay with your students to tell them about my business. And

00:36:00:26 – 00:36:33:22

I what I will do is give them like some kind of voucher to the moms who live in and what they can do with the owner or the or the teacher. It’s maybe in in a exchange. We can talk about what she needs. Maybe she needs some pictures for for her yoga plays or or for branding, or maybe I can help her somehow with my clients and she can do the same.

00:36:33:28 – 00:36:49:00

Maybe once again, I can have her in my Instagram and and talk about her yoga place, I don’t know, which I think I would use because I haven’t done it. But I know people that does it.

00:36:50:28 – 00:37:02:21

That sounds good because I don’t do maternity or anything like that. But I’m trying to think of ways to network or reach out to other places in a bigger you know, you can probably use the same language, but obviously that’s actually really good.

00:37:02:23 – 00:37:10:00

Another thing that would be good to go to do maternity hospitals and you can offer them to them

00:37:12:21 – 00:37:17:06

to decorate the rooms with with your.

00:37:17:29 – 00:37:18:14


00:37:18:16 – 00:37:25:14

Their picture. Yes, that works very good with newborn sessions. And then you just

00:37:27:05 – 00:37:37:15

give them some room because of our for the for the waiting room with your with your cards on your on the bottom.

00:37:38:15 – 00:38:09:21

Mm hmm. Yeah, I’ve considered no, I don’t shoot maternity, but I. Yeah, I see a whole bunch of images. Very beautiful ones. Very similar to yours or yours as well. And I’m like, God, those are so beautiful and it looks so elegant, and I really should look into that space. And I’ve considered the idea of going to a maternity hospital, talking to nurses, because the nurses are going to be the ones that interact with these clients the most.

00:38:09:23 – 00:38:40:21

I’m like, here, find your favorite clients that you know are the ones you enjoy working with. And you know, I’ll trade you a session, a family shoot or whatever, because I think that’s part of networking, is finding the people that could potentially help you to be the the ambassadors of your brand and keep that movement going. So yeah, whether that’s a yoga studio or a maternity hospital would be a fantastic idea.

00:38:41:17 – 00:38:42:02


00:38:43:15 – 00:39:10:13

Yeah. And I think too of the important thing is always just remembering like, what’s in it for them? Like, that’s what I remember. Sue always is talking about. Like, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Like, why is this person going to help you? You know, so if you can come in with a plan of like what you’re going to do for them, Michael, instead of coming in about like what you want them to do for you first, I think that’s always like the strategy to go with. So I hope that helps too.

00:39:11:03 – 00:39:13:15

Yeah, that has to be a win win. Yeah.

00:39:16:15 – 00:39:34:24

And so if anyone else has a question, Michael’s question was great, you can go ahead and raise your hand and ask it to Kristina. And in the meantime, Kevin and I will continue interviewing her. But just remember that we have about 20 minutes left. So plenty of time. Time to get your questions answered for all the live listeners.

00:39:35:12 – 00:39:36:27

I was also going to point out that with

00:39:38:18 – 00:39:49:20

Clubhouse’s new chat feature, if you have any question in there and if you’re not comfortable coming up on stage, feel free to put it in the chat and we can always ask that question there as well.

00:39:50:09 – 00:39:52:02

Oh yeah. That’s a good reminder. Thanks, Kevin.

00:39:53:05 – 00:39:53:20

No problem

00:39:55:00 – 00:40:29:21

Okay. So, Kristina, we’ve covered the photoshoot or the pre shoot consultation, the wardrobe. We’ve talked a little bit about the photo shoots, but is there anything in the photo shoot that you’re doing to sort of plant seeds for the sale or for I know you talked to also about how you plant seeds at the in-person sales session for the baby shoot. But is there anything you haven’t shared with us that makes that shoot like extra special, where they want to come back or for the baby shoot or they want to refer friends or just like any little touch points that you’re adding.

00:40:31:02 – 00:41:07:25

Okay. After the session, in the same day of the session, what I usually do, it’s to do a small preview with my plan info in my computer, but very fast. I don’t want them to stay in a picture, but I can see their reaction. I can see the expressions they like or not. And I can mark with five stars, the ones that they just really love. They are like, Oh, my God. And and they can just reject the ones that they, they don’t like it.

00:41:08:06 – 00:41:18:08

So I can just make a selection myself before putting a gallery up. What I usually do, it’s. I plan my pictures, right?

00:41:19:29 – 00:41:49:21

But what I do with all these pictures, I’m. I’m concerned that they like to choose their expression. So if I should one image, I will make sure I will have her look at the camera and look down, look up and move ahead, have different poses. And what my client will choose, it will be which one of these expressions is her favorite? Does it make sense?

00:41:49:28 – 00:42:25:00

Yeah, actually, I was going to say that’s really I think that’s really a cool kind of it sounds like it’s almost like a hybrid idea between a same day reveal, which I know some photographers do with a lot of success where they aren’t editing the pictures, but they do the full reveal the same day and a reveal where they come back two weeks later. They’re seeing somewhat or if not fully edited pictures and they’re choosing from there. And I really like the idea because if I’m getting it right as this hybrid thing, because I sometimes really do struggle with trying to pick the right expression from the set.

00:42:25:11 – 00:42:25:27


00:42:26:21 – 00:43:00:03

And sometimes they, they get really excited. Just one of your picture and you know, okay, if I see that every time I should pick one that expression and she’s like, Oh my God, I love myself here. I know I’m going to fail if I have already this picture because she chose it. Right? So and if I see that or maybe I love the one image of her with a certain expression, but maybe she doesn’t see herself in there.

00:43:00:09 – 00:43:11:12

Maybe for me, artistically, it’s a great match, but maybe she doesn’t like it. So it’s sometimes it’s hard to choose for them, right?

00:43:11:14 – 00:43:45:29

Yeah. No, I mean, I relate to that. I’ve been doing this for a really long time. I mean, almost ten years, I guess nine years this the summer. And it’s still really hard to sometimes like some clients you just kind of know and then some clients it’s like, oh gosh, they were really hard on themselves or Oh gosh, they just were so photos. Like they just came alive in front of the camera and like, all of these are fire, but which one do they want the serious? Do they want the smiley? Because they’re kind of all the same. Maybe unless you have five shots that are similar pose, but you have these wildly different expressions.

00:43:46:06 – 00:43:51:10

So yeah, I really like this idea. I think this is very helpful and cool and I might even try something like that.

00:43:52:27 – 00:44:23:15

If it was for me. I think you have to find a way it works for you because I tried a lot of things and finally I am comfortable with this matter and what I will then if I really, really loved me much even. I added I added this already because I don’t care if the client is not going to get it or not, because this is going to be in my portfolio. But usually they choose it.

00:44:24:21 – 00:44:30:03

99% of the times when they see it and they already go for it.

00:44:32:00 – 00:45:04:22

What I, I try to just do a small edit when I uploade the gallery and they choose the final image of that. They will finish anything. But it’s, it’s more difficult to do a product sale this way with a newborn either way, totally different. I have mentors in the world that is just the greatest, and it works 99% of the times because in newborn what they do,

00:45:07:00 – 00:45:45:14

it’s very, very parental maternity. Because a newborn is a newborn. Imagine like 2 minutes in my maternity, maybe it’s like 15 minutes very much. It’s not the same. So what I do with newborn, I, we shoot a gallery, we shoot for a gallery of 30 matches and they always buy basic package at the moment a base but is 15 images we pay babies in advance and once they see the images in their in-person sales be a zoom, they then decide if they want to upgrade or they just want these 15 images.

00:45:46:21 – 00:46:00:03

Usually everybody upgrades because what I do is if they get a private collection, they get 15 images left on the gallery. They get the 30 images.

00:46:01:22 – 00:46:05:22

Okay. So it’s kind of like, oh my gosh, I need all of these. So I’m just going to upgrade.

00:46:06:03 – 00:46:22:09

Yes. Because it’s like, how can I use it with babies? It’s okay. The the glue in this, it’s you have to have something like this very different. They cannot look alike. They have to. I have a very

00:46:24:19 – 00:47:04:17

great design workflow in my newborn systems. All my senses are exactly the same where we have to change outfits and colors, but we always work to make a book and it’s always the same system. So it’s, it’s, it’s easy. And what I do in the, in the zoom, I who are very emotional, it’s like show with with music. And it’s very interesting because you can see the reaction of the people and you’re going to learn a lot from you, from your clients, what they like, what they know, how they choose, the images between them.

00:47:05:01 – 00:47:07:10

It’s it’s very interesting.

00:47:08:29 – 00:47:31:22

So with your newborn session, you say you have everything already pre planned out. How many how many looks are you getting to give you that variety and what exactly are you changing within? Because obviously you can’t ask a baby to pose really well. So is it the props? Is it the baskets? Are you I know you can move the baby around a little bit.

00:47:32:06 – 00:47:53:15

But yes, with all five sets, five different sets, and this is like five posing for one. I don’t know if you know something on newborn photography, but we have there two different poses in in newborn like potato sack or the chin on hand. Yeah. They have names.

00:47:53:24 – 00:47:58:13

I know. Chin on hands. I see. Now in potato sack. Is that the one where you swaddle them and they look like a little potato?

00:47:58:15 – 00:48:00:29

Yes. We start always

00:48:03:18 – 00:48:35:03

doing potato sack because they they fall asleep easily when you rub them. And so we started with the potato snack then. Then with this potato side, we change the world with another color and go to 2:00 and and once then we do the bookends and then we go to, to the poses. We do a couple of sets. And then finally the family. Family should that we should with mom, dad and go there.

00:48:36:14 – 00:48:45:01

And we talked a little bit about the the maternity how long is a baby newborn should go for how long does it go?

00:48:46:12 – 00:48:50:06

Usually for me, it’s like between three and 4 hours.

00:48:52:10 – 00:49:05:00

It’s not that we were shooting this for hours in the first hour. You parents feed the baby, you have to put him to sleep. And then you have like a couple of hours of shooting.

00:49:06:21 – 00:49:12:12

And it’s crucial that the baby be just very brand new, right? Like only a few days old. Yeah.

00:49:13:00 – 00:49:42:21

That we usually should them between six and 12 days old. Not before six days, because they still don’t eat well before the six days. And it doesn’t mean that you cannot sugar baby if the baby it’s 20 days old. But the more days that the baby has more awake is the baby. And and they can have colic and cramps.

00:49:44:10 – 00:49:52:20

And it’s more difficult if if if they. If they have stomach issues.

00:49:52:22 – 00:49:53:07


00:49:53:12 – 00:50:00:09

Yes. They won’t get to see them. And the more these the baby has, the more problems the baby can have

00:50:01:24 – 00:50:09:03

got. But they got babies with one month and they were better than our baby with six days. So it’s not

00:50:10:19 – 00:50:13:06

100%. Oh.

00:50:13:25 – 00:50:14:11


00:50:15:01 – 00:50:17:25

That’s okay. Every baby is different.

00:50:18:10 – 00:50:27:25

What do you do if you’re in a shoot? And it’s just that baby is not cooperating. It’s just crying the whole time. Like, how do you that. If the baby?

00:50:28:02 – 00:51:04:19

The baby’s crying. Usually it’s because one of two things or the baby is hungry or the baby is on pain. So if it’s on pain you cannot do too much, maybe it’s not. Maybe I reschedule the time. But if I see, I cannot do anything with this baby. It just happened once to me. Really? Oh, wow. Yeah, but it happens a lot with the baby. It’s hungry. And he has not eat well because there’s a lot of issues with.

00:51:05:01 – 00:51:29:14

With breastfeeding. Best breastfeeding. Yeah, I stayed. And sometimes it’s not easy for moms to feed the babies. And if they if they want to if they want sleep. So you have to be very patience with moms and and just to try to to help them with anything you can.

00:51:30:07 – 00:51:43:29

Okay. So I was going to ask you, when we were talking about at what point you want the baby to come in. What about handling a premature baby? How how does that change the.

00:51:44:04 – 00:52:10:25

Yes, this was totally planned because premature babies are what I will ask the mom. Well, they have to be out of the hospital, obviously. And I will ask them the weight of the baby I don’t shoot babies with less than two and a half kilograms and an all in in both sizes. Yes.

00:52:10:27 – 00:52:12:18

I don’t know either, but that’s okay.

00:52:14:23 – 00:52:17:00

We’ll Google it later or something. I don’t know.

00:52:17:28 – 00:52:54:28

It’s two and a half kilograms. Okay. I asked them to wait, feel they had this weight. And sometimes the baby. It’s 30 or 20 days old. And it doesn’t matter. And these sessions are usually easy because the parents are really is the I mean, and the parents have had a very hard time in the hospital. So it’s it’s okay there if it’s not going to be a perfect with eyes are closing or if the baby for a week, I mean, they are celebrating their child is alive with them.

00:52:55:00 – 00:52:55:15


00:52:56:27 – 00:53:03:15

it doesn’t matter if it is even a baby. It’s not as much as we can do a lot of things anyway.

00:53:04:16 – 00:53:20:20

And I just Googled it and it’s five it’s about five and a half pounds just for our American listeners, because we are like have to be rebels and not have a normal. Oh, and M.J. Griffin also

00:53:22:11 – 00:53:25:15

wrote in that it’s five and a half pounds, so we were all on Google.

00:53:29:16 – 00:53:35:06

So I was going to ask you for these newborn sessions. Are you having an assistant to help you during everything?

00:53:36:03 – 00:54:09:04

I used to have one a little for me and assistant was really helpful just to handle the case. But if you don’t have an assistant for me, it’s not that important in the newborn session, but you have to have everything very planned and to have all the stuff on near you so you don’t have to move. Usually I have all my sets set up already with all the outfits on the set, so I just have to move the baby from one to the other one.

00:54:09:18 – 00:54:24:04

And and I have everything I need with me. And in case I need something, maybe that that can just help me with something. But I feel pretty confident working myself.

00:54:24:25 – 00:54:32:11

Yeah, that’s what I was about to ask you. If you’ve ever had, like, the parents, like, here, help you with this or help you with that, or would you prefer them not get involved.

00:54:32:16 – 00:54:37:01

I try I try to keep them away because sometimes they are like

00:54:39:04 – 00:54:57:29

they. They are like in the way. When the baby says, make some noise, it’s like, Oh my God, what? Like why he did this and and the baby feels the the energy of the room. Babies are, like,

00:55:00:10 – 00:55:25:07

serious. They feel the energy of anyone. If they are nervous and nervous, they will the baby will feel it. If mommy is nervous, the baby won’t sleep. They are still one person. It’s very strange. But when you keep them separate the baby, relax. If mommy’s not relaxed, the baby will not relax.

00:55:26:20 – 00:55:47:10

Well, it’s actually funny you mention this, because when we talked to Shelly, well, Franklin, who does a lot of pet portraits, we talked about sort of the same issue with pets. Like sometimes it’s better when the owner is not there because the pet will actually not behave for the photographer when the owners in the room. So I think yes, baby. Very true.

00:55:47:15 – 00:55:48:21

Very similar.

00:55:48:23 – 00:55:50:05

Yeah yeah. If you.

00:55:50:14 – 00:55:51:12


00:55:51:14 – 00:56:08:09

Yeah exactly. And I think to you like sometimes it’s parents it’s just like they they’re paying for this photo shoot. They want it to go really well and they want the photos. So sometimes that’s like where the nerves are coming from, but it’s actually like the sabotaging factor. Anything that can be like with pet parents too.

00:56:08:11 – 00:56:31:29

So and see the the first time parents, they don’t know what they’re doing and everything. It’s it’s like the first time for them and what they do with them is I train them too so they can feel more confident to the baby, too. They, they are like very relieved that someone just explains to them something on the baby.

00:56:33:07 – 00:56:43:04

Oh, that’s funny. I mean, you’re the baby expert you photographed multiple years. And if they’re the they’re the first time parents, you know, every little sound was like, oh, my God, what do they want? What do they need?

00:56:43:07 – 00:57:09:21

Yes, yes. These are normal. Is the baby really? Yeah, it’s it’s it’s all the same. So when I always tell them that you they don’t get just the pictures, they get just the training and they are really once they, once they see you dominate the situation, then you are the boss. They then leave you with the baby. They are very

00:57:11:19 – 00:57:21:11

confident with you and you and they sit in the sofa and start with what’s up or whatever. And they they are not on the way. Yeah.

00:57:24:14 – 00:57:58:09

Well, Christina, I can’t believe it to say this, but it’s like getting close to 1:00 already, so I’m like, just a few minutes away. So I want to ask you before we have to wrap this conversation up for those in our portrait system community who are listening and maybe I want to add more maternity on to my sessions or, you know, as a genre or maybe I want to add baby photography as well. What is the biggest piece of advice you can give someone who really wants to add this as a profitable genre to their portrait studio?

00:57:59:02 – 00:58:35:06

You know? Well, with Baby with Newborn, you have to to get a lot of education and to do a lot of babies. Maternity, you are important for the record, it will be much easier for you because it just, it’s, it’s portrait and it’s always with the bump. Yeah. And, and it’s much easier because hands are always around the bump. It’s I think I trying maternity the posing is much easier.

00:58:35:08 – 00:58:37:00

Because you know all of the attention is supposed to go.

00:58:37:26 – 00:58:38:11


00:58:40:05 – 00:58:48:10

but I don’t know any advice. Just have fun. You should whatever you really are passionate about it and you.

00:58:50:02 – 00:58:50:21

And that’s what

00:58:52:17 – 00:58:58:09

I think. And I think that’s why. Yeah, I think you need to have your own style and.

00:59:00:03 – 00:59:27:12

And be very picky about what what colors allowed, what style, what you make your own brand. Yes. And to try to make you unique, because there are a lot of photographers out there. So the most important and I think the most difficult thing is to be different. And this is what they are going to choose you for. To be different than the other ones.

00:59:27:27 – 00:59:30:18

Mm hmm. Yeah. Solid advice.

00:59:31:11 – 00:59:52:12

Well, Kristina, that went by super fast, actually. I know, so quickly, and it has been an absolute pleasure having you on to talk about babies and maternity and all of that. But since we are at the one hour mark, before we let you go, I want to ask, where can people find you on social media?

00:59:53:09 – 01:00:08:12

Okay. I’m in Instagram. I don’t know. Should I spell it? Yes. Well, my. Yeah, it’s Kristina Reche. But the people that I didn’t want there.

01:00:10:11 – 01:00:12:27

So we will go ahead and we’ll fill that in on.

01:00:12:29 – 01:00:14:01

Yes, please. In the.

01:00:14:03 – 01:00:19:00

Clubhouse. I’ll have handles in our clubhouse thread for people to look at.

01:00:19:13 – 01:00:22:16

Okay. Okay. Perfect.

01:00:22:29 – 01:00:23:21

Your website.

01:00:24:20 – 01:00:27:14

My website. It’s easier. It’s petitmonde.Es

01:00:38:15 – 01:00:40:09

And that’s ES not com.

01:00:40:19 – 01:00:44:05

Yes, yes. Yeah. From Spain. Espana.

01:00:45:07 – 01:01:17:29

Perfect. Well, everyone, please, please, please be sure to follow Kristina, as well as make sure to follow the Portrait System on Instagram and on Facebook as well. Also, be sure to check out the blog posts that are associated with our clubhouse interviews at SueBryceEducation.com/blog. You can follow Ashleigh on Instagram at Ashleigh Taylor portrait. That is a s h l e i g h. And you can find me there as PopLight _photography.

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