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IF WE HAVEN’T MET I am Sue Bryce, New Zealand born I have lived and worked in Los Angeles since 2012. I have been a Photographer for 30 years, when I built my first photography brand in the early 2000’s my vision was to create a magazine style photoshoot for women to experience what it feels like to be pampered, a celebrity, to be seen for a day and to explore their own unique beauty, it still is today 18 years later. 

I have studied and photographed women for over half my life, what an incredible honor to be able to experience this career, photography truly is a powerful medium of communication and self exploration. Of course the first thing my clients tell me, is what they don’t like about themselves! It was these conversations, that changed my life. 

“It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know his own beauty or perceive a sense of his own worth until it has been reflected back to him in the mirror of another loving, caring human being.”

~John Joseph Powell, The Secret of Staying in Love

Photographing a portrait for me became a journey of self, there is something incredibly vulnerable about sitting in front of a camera, all of your fears about yourself come straight to the surface, this is the part I am obsessed with, how deep do I have to go to find the confidence, I see your light and I create a space where you can shine, where it’s safe too, there is nothing more incredibly beautiful than a woman in her full confidence. I have a deep desire to show people how truly beautiful and valuable they are inside and out.

I started teaching my business model in 2009 now 10 years later Sue Bryce Education is an online education platform that broadcasts live to thousands of photography businesses around the world. ENTER: Sue Bryce Education

My heart’s calling is to coach start up creatives and solopreneurs and help them find their own personal power and value, the journey to create my business was the greatest growth of my life, I found confidence in myself to follow my heart and I started walking towards what I really wanted at my full power, all of this changes when you build self worth first. I want to show you how to believe in yourself even when you feel others do not.

Why? When I turned 30 I realized I had a job I hated and no chance to grow, I had a dream to be self employed, so I started building my business in 2001 in my garage. I had no education and no money, I thought both of these were my ‘achilles heel’ but in truth I soon learned I did not have the self confidence or self belief to sell myself or my own work, in fact I was overwhelmed by guilt and shame receiving money and this incredible feeling of NOT BEING GOOD ENOUGH. Where did this come from? How do I change this? Why don’t they teach this? Why didn’t my parents teach me this? Then fear and self hate turn up There is something wrong with me I must be bad I will fail I will be rejected it’s not fair it will hurt I won’t do that I can’t do that no one supports me no one believes in me. . . And so it begins

I am here to tell you MONEY IS A VALUE METRIC, so is your TIME, so is your BODY, when you are out of alignment in Self-Value it shows up in or on your body 

usually as illness or weight, it absolutely shows up in your bank account and your relationships. 

Money always fell through my fingers and to compound money pain add the threat of living week by week, anyone who has hit rock bottom or lived in basic survival knows what money pain is, let’s add the WHO and WHAT you attract when you are in this energy of scraping by or lack of. 

I was struggling with my weight and body image, I was stress eating, overspending, over-giving to others, not putting myself first, over nurturing others and right as I was building this successful business, I wanted so much to run and hide. Networking with no self confidence is traumatizing, endless hours of anxiety and here I was becoming more and more the face and voice of my brand. It was obvious I was in self neglect, I had some INNER WORK to do, I focused on one area at a time. 

Learning to value and love myself has transformed every part of my life TRANSFORMATION the workshop is for any woman who has ever felt not good enough and didn’t know why. 

Whatever area you are disempowered… somebody or something will over power you. There were four big areas I had to transform in my life, my self worth, my money relationship, my business and love. I was failing at them all. We are going to focus on these areas and what you want to change TAKE THE SURVEY (the survey is being prepared, please return to take the Transformation workshop survey)

You don’t need to have a story. You don’t need to know WHY, sometimes we never understand why, You do not need to compare your tipping point story or your trauma story, we are not in a competition of who is more damaged. You are not broken, you have just spent potentially years nurturing others, turning slowly away from the self, your abundant intuition and your inner calling. 

You are here to identify what you really want, and what the blocks are that you’ve put up to receiving them, so you can start courageously walking towards it and receive it. You are here to learn to love and honor YOU first and just maybe these lessons are here because you ache to grow, so in other words SO YOU CAN GROW. 


Transformation is an online workshop / Live broadcast Starting weekly March 21st 

15 consecutive weeks. 3pm PST 

Sue Bryce Photographer / Educator / Speaker / Business Mentor




  1. Having been with you for years now Sue – I have no doubt that this new workshop will be a further integral part of growth for me. You have a way of helping me (and so many others!) see through the blocks to what is really important – and for me, has been a journey of turning nurturing others to caring for myself. I can’t wait for the adventure to continue. With you helping point out the way – the possibilities are endless. Thank you <3