Studio Tour: Kitti McMeel

Kitti McMeel is a portrait photographer based in Westlake Village, California who has been a part of the SBE community since we launched. Kitti has one of my favorite success stories: In her sixties, she started a new career as a portrait photographer. She took my business model and ran with it. After only one year in business, she accomplished not one, but three $17k month’s in a row. I am so proud of her and even prouder to present her studio tour.

“At 63 years old, I had just been fired from my job. Then I stumbled across Sue. It was her business model that allowed me – someone who had no experience in the photography business and not even a photographer, to hit the ground running and create a new and exciting business opportunity for myself. I could never have done this without the skills Sue taught me.”

– Kitti McMeel

Watch Kitti’s Studio Tour Here


SBE: What did it mean to you to have Sue come to your studio?

Kitti: “Having Sue come to my studio was a dream come true! I never imagined when I found Sue online that one day she would be standing there with me! It was both terrifying and exhilarating. As the day progressed I got comfortable, but at first it was a little like deer in the headlights! But Sue made me feel so comfortable and it was such a gift having her there. I did some of my best work that day.”


SBE: How have you grown since your studio tour?

K: “Things have changed quite a bit since Sue came to my studio. I’ve made a few adjustments to the space based on feedback from her. I’ve learned to keep that work/life balance that we talked about that day. I’ve grown so much as a business person and a photographer and feel like I’ve really come into my own.”


SBE: What stood out to you about that day?

K: “What really stood out to me that day was the professionalism of the crew and everyone involved. Its not easy to feel comfortable with 7 people recording your every move. Sue made me feel so comfortable and energized to share my story. She told me how I would inspire thousands of people and that day I really understood what she meant when she said that to me.”


SBE: Anything else you’d like to share with other SBE members?

K: “Sue Bryce changed my life forever. She made it possible for me to really see my value, to change the things that I did not want to accept and to stand tall, claim my space in the world and walk forward with certainty and conviction.”


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Watch Kitti’s Studio Tour


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