Studio Tour: Ashleigh Taylor

September 18, 2018 Uncategorized
Ashleigh Taylor Portrait is a portrait studio based in Santa Barbara, California run by Ashleigh Henning. When we visited Ashleigh’s studio, I was so impressed by how much she could do in a small space – only 300 sq ft. Ashleigh is the epitome of making it work in a small space, the images she’s creating are beautiful and her connection to her clients is outstanding. I am so proud of her.

Watch Ashleigh’s Studio Tour Here


SBE: What did it mean to you to have Sue come to your studio?

Ashleigh: “Having Sue come to my studio was one of the proudest (and most surreal) moments of my life. As I say in the tour, I got my studio just months after taking an in person folio build workshop with her in 2013. At the workshop, my dream suddenly became to get a very miniature version of the NYC studio the workshop was held in. Before this workshop, I had never considered a studio– the dream really all started with Sue. So to have her standing in the studio she inspired me to build? I feel I can only describe that moment as surreal.”

SBE: How have you grown since your studio tour?

A: “My business has grown so much since the studio tour! In fact, I am actually in a new studio. My new studio is a bit bigger (450 sq ft) and down the hall from my first studio so it still gets all the same amazing natural light. I love it so much and am so proud of my growth, but I also am so grateful for the studio where the tour was filmed because it was the catalyst for everything. In addition to moving studios, I recently was awarded Best Photographer in Santa Barbara by our local newspaper, The Santa Barbara Independent, and I became a “master photographer” in the Portrait Masters awards & accreditation program.”

SBE: What stood out to you about that day?

A: “The day of my studio tour the thing that stood out most for me was a feeling of pride. I didn’t start my studio to be recognized by Sue or any other photographer. I started my studio because I wanted to expand beyond shooting weddings, because I really liked connecting with one person at a time, because I was beyond passionate about making women feel beautiful and because I wanted to make a living by being creative. So it was really incredible to see that my hard work has really amounted to something that other’s would find inspiring. Even though I didn’t build my business to seek recognition, being recognized by Sue meant so very much to me. I don’t know if I have ever been as proud of my business and what I have built as I was that day.”

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Watch Ashleigh’s Studio Tour