Saray Taylor-Roman: Masterclass Profile

“Last week I turned #30again, my business started its 3rd year and I got to be part of Sue’s Masterclass. I wanted to show you what my studio looked like when I first signed a 3-year contract. The transformation didn’t happen overnight.

Final details like the rug and the frame wall actually took place the week before last. My parents were against me quitting my teaching job and leaving the “safety net” it provided. My mom actually quit talking to me for a good 3 months (now looking back, that was good). Six months before I got this studio, both my mom and my mil sat me together to tell me how I was ruining my family for following my dream. I was never more scared in my life than when I signed this lease. I never had experienced so much freedom as the day I handed in my resignation. Very little scares me now and freedom tastes so good that I’m pretty much unemployable.

Follow your dream. You have an amazing mentor in Sue Bryce and you also have all of us who are just a few months or years ahead of you. Keep dreaming big and working hard toward your goals.”

~ Saray Taylor-Roman