Pricing Your Portraits / You Can’t Sell Anything Until You Price Yourself

October 26, 2016 Uncategorized

The only thing getting in the way of pricing yourself to make money is YOU. Your average sale is a direct reflection of whether you value your work and believe in what you do. The most important thing to learn is to price yourself FOR YOURSELF. You need to say it, believe it, and value it.

It is also so important to ask yourself if you want to be in business or if you want to just get paid for doing something you love. They are not the same thing! You need to be ready for the business part of being a photographer if you are going to have a sustainable and successful portrait studio.

There doesn’t seem to be an international standard for portrait pricing like there is for weddings. Why is it that people can charge so much for weddings, yet not for portraits? Portraits are the one single most important thing you will own for your family and it just isn’t always valued.

People think that they aren’t getting sales and bookings because of what other people value and it’s not. It’s about what YOU value.

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