Saray Taylor-Roman: Masterclass Profile

“Last week I turned #30again, my business started its 3rd year and I got to be part of Sue’s Masterclass. I wanted to show you what my studio looked like when I first signed a 3-year contract. The transformation didn’t happen overnight. Final details like the rug and the frame wall actually took place the […]

Working with a Non-Profit Organization to Promote Your Portrait Studio

In November of 2013 I met a couple of ladies at a women’s networking event for NAPW (National Association of Professional Women) who worked for the American Heart Association. I introduced myself, said I was a glamour portrait photographer and turns out they were looking for a new photographer to photograph the survivors gallery Go […]

Large Group Composite / Tuesday LIVE

This was without doubt one of the most fun tutorials I have done. Join me live Tuesday Dec 6th noon PST I will show you this shoot and walk you through this creative process both shooting and post production. I used the same girl in this tutorial simply for convenience but truly I cannot wait […]

Printing & Presentation by Shauna Lofy

I have finally found some beautiful packaging for the gift cards! Do a Google search for gift card boxes and you will find all sorts of options. I found two sources that carry the Platform Boxes in several color options. You can find them at Box & Wrap and Packaging Specialities. Both these companies offer […]

This will change the way you speak, sell, work and live

THESE 22 VIDEOS are available on this site inclusive with your membership All I know is what I see, I teach you about business but all I hear is why your personal self cannot move forward or heal or receive and yet I know it’s you writing the story. The basis of everything I teach is […]

My first year in business Kitti McMeel

My first year in business Kitti McMeel FEBRUARY 26, 2016 I asked people to give me footage for my Keynote for WPPI on how people were making the reveal wall work for them. Then Kitti dropped this story on me. I put together an Animoto for you so you too could enjoy this great story. […]

On the shoulders of giants

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” ~Isaac Newton There are three Men in my life that you need to know. They are Craig Swanson, George Varanakis and Aaron Andersen. They have been a huge part of your current education and you didn’t even know it. George booked […]

Change the Way You Work

SERVICE = SALES You can take this as criticism OR a great lesson. Yes there is always an exception to the rule but 99.9% of the time it was YOU. IMAGINE IF you were brave enough to remove the rejection/failure/blame feeling and instead look back and say. What did I do wrong and how can […]

Videos with a Message

You are Photographing for Women. You are selling to Women. You are Marketing to Women. Even if the Boys come into the shoot it’s predominately a Women’s ‘Shopping Market’ This is NOT a sexist statement this is a fact. It doesn’t matter if you are a Female or Male photographer you too need to know […]