Tip Tuesday: 5 Tips for Sharper Images

July 2, 2019 Tip Tuesday
5 Easy Tips for Sharper Images - John Greengo Camera Fundamental Class - Sue Bryce - the portrait masters - WIDE

Our Tip Tuesday blog post is tidbits of advice from accomplished colleagues, mentors, and instructors. When you fully understand your camera and how to use it, your confidence behind the lens grows immensely and your work inevitably improves.  Follow these 5 easy tips from John Greengo, of John Greengo Photography, and watch your image sharpness […]

Member Monday: Marco de Liso of Icàstico

July 1, 2019 Member Monday
Sue Bryce Education Featured Photographer MARCO DE LISO

  Where are you? I’m in Italy, and my studio is in a tiny town, half an hour by train from Venice. How long have you been a professional photographer? I’ve started promoting myself as a professional photographer five years ago, but I’m working as a freelance graphic designer for eight years.     What […]

NEW CLASS: The Business of Fashion Photography with Lara Jade

June 28, 2019 News
Lara Jade - The Business of Fashion Photography - Sue Bryce Education

After the success of her first course with The Portrait Masters, The Fashion Series, globally acclaimed fashion photographer, Lara Jade is back with arguably the most comprehensive business and marketing course available to aspiring fashion photographers. Step into the world of a New York fashion photographer and discover everything that goes into building success in […]

Studio Tour Thursday: Gianna Snell of Gianna Snell Photography

June 27, 2019 Studio Tour Thursday
Gianna Snell Photography

How long have you been a professional photographer? About 10 years. I graduated with a BS in Photographic Imaging in 2003. While my degree taught me the art of photography, I needed to learn the business side of photography. I was making strides, but after joining Sue Bryce Education in 2017, my business has grown […]

Tip Tuesday: Creating Award Winning Boudoir Portraits

June 24, 2019 Tip Tuesday
Johanna Julia Portraits - Artist

Our Tip Tuesday blog post is tidbits of advice from accomplished colleagues, mentors, and instructors. Johanna received the award for Boudoir portraits in the last round of Portrait Masters Awards and Accreditation. The submission period for the upcoming round starts on July 1st. Here are her tips for taking beautiful images and keeping your photography […]

Member Monday: Kévin Bonnin of Diamond Portraits

June 21, 2019 Member Monday

Q: Where are you located? A: My home studio is located in the south of France in a small village of fewer than 2000 people called Beaupuy. Q: Can you tell us about your journey? A: When I first started to be passionate about portrait photography I was living in Japan with my pregnant wife. […]

Artist Spotlight with Bella Kotak

June 21, 2019 Artist Spotlight
Artist Spotlight with Bella Kotak - Sue Bryce Education

SUE BRYCE EDUCATION TUESDAY LIVE ON JUNE 25TH Join Bella for her artist spotlight where she features a one-of-a-kind photo shoot and photoshop SBE exclusive. Join in and ask questions with Bella in chat on June 25th for Tuesday’s LIVE. Tell us a little about yourself and your background in photography. “I’m Bella Kotak and […]

Studio Tour Thursday: Shirin Tinati of Shirin Tinati Photography

June 20, 2019 Studio Tour Thursday
Sue Bryce Education Studio Tour Thursdays Blog

 Q: How long have you been a professional photographer?  A: I have been a professional photographer for 17 years. My survival job during graduate school was as a make-up artist. An actress hired me to do her make up for her headshot session. Being an experienced makeup artist, my fee was on the higher […]

Tip Tuesday: Creating Award Winning Portraits

June 18, 2019 Tip Tuesday

INTRODUCTION I’ve always loved scrolling through the award-winning image galleries from professional photography competitions. Never would I have imagined that one day I would have my own images featured alongside these amazing photographs. Everything changed in 2017 when Sue Bryce launched the Portrait Masters Awards and Accreditation program. I decided to take a leap of […]

Member Monday: Rob Brown of Tee Rage Portraits

June 12, 2019 Member Monday

Member Monday is a weekly blog post highlighting portrait photographers in the Sue Bryce Education community. If you are interested in being featured on Member Mondays, please complete this form: Member Mondays Feature Request Q: Where are you located? A: Corinth, MS (population 15,000) in northeast Mississippi. Q: How long have you been a photographer? A: […]