My Message to Jen

“Inches mean nothing… but the weight of your words and the weight of your actions are everything.” I was on stage at ClickAway 2014 Salt Lake City teaching Posing. I asked them not to get me models, I would pick my models from the audience. You see just like clients, I wouldn’t know what I […]

Marcus Hoffman: Masterclass Profile

“I cant believe its been a month since the Master Class Workshop! Feels like yesterday, but also feels like so much time has passed. Writing out my journey has been like staring at myself in the mirror. ugh! I’m not one to ever talk about myself. I’m much more inclined to probe into others lives […]

Ashleigh Taylor: Masterclass Profile

“It’s taken me a couple weeks to process the masterclass which was one of the BEST experiences of my life!! I wanted to share my journey and how Sue’s teachings have changed my life + business.  I’m one of the originals in this group who discovered + watched Sue on her first ever CreativeLive in […]

Cat Ford-Coates: Masterclass Profile

“At 21 I was studying photography in college. It was 1997 and I spent every last moment shooting or in the darkroom. I had no idea what I was doing and it didn’t matter, I loved it. I knew it was what I wanted to do but had no clue how I ever could. I […]

Lenka Jones: Masterclass Profile

“Last week, together with six other wonderful US photographers Saray Taylor-Roman, Michelle Taylor Jones, Ashleigh Taylor Henning, Cat Ford-Coates, Rosaura Sandoval and Marcus Hoffman, I’ve had the greatest honor and privilege to be part of Sue ‘s Masterclass. Designing and styling my dream photo shoot in Sue’s fabulous LA studio was a dream come true […]

Rosaura Sandoval: Masterclass Profile

“I feel like I’m living the American Dream. I’m a the youngest of 6 children of hard-working immigrant parents from Mexico – illegal at first but eventually they became US citizens. We grew up dirt-poor in East Los Angeles with food stamps and government assistance though our parents made it so we never went without. […]

Saray Taylor-Roman: Masterclass Profile

“Last week I turned #30again, my business started its 3rd year and I got to be part of Sue’s Masterclass. I wanted to show you what my studio looked like when I first signed a 3-year contract. The transformation didn’t happen overnight. Final details like the rug and the frame wall actually took place the […]

Working with a Non-Profit Organization to Promote Your Portrait Studio

In November of 2013 I met a couple of ladies at a women’s networking event for NAPW (National Association of Professional Women) who worked for the American Heart Association. I introduced myself, said I was a glamour portrait photographer and turns out they were looking for a new photographer to photograph the survivors gallery Go […]

Large Group Composite / Tuesday LIVE

This was without doubt one of the most fun tutorials I have done. Join me live Tuesday Dec 6th noon PST I will show you this shoot and walk you through this creative process both shooting and post production. I used the same girl in this tutorial simply for convenience but truly I cannot wait […]

Printing & Presentation by Shauna Lofy

I have finally found some beautiful packaging for the gift cards! Do a Google search for gift card boxes and you will find all sorts of options. I found two sources that carry the Platform Boxes in several color options. You can find them at Box & Wrap and Packaging Specialities. Both these companies offer […]