Printing & Presentation by Shauna Lofy

I have finally found some beautiful packaging for the gift cards! Do a Google search for gift card boxes and you will find all sorts of options. I found two sources that carry the Platform Boxes in several color options. You can find them at Box & Wrap and Packaging Specialities. Both these companies offer […]

2017 Workshops

Here are the upcoming workshop dates for 2017: January 24-25: Twelve-Week Startup February 14-15: Master Class March 14-15: Fine Art Workshop April 10-12: Italy April 25-26: Self Development May 16-17: Personal Branding June 13-14: Photographers Over 50+

This will change the way you speak, sell, work and live

THESE 22 VIDEOS are available on this site inclusive with your membership All I know is what I see, I teach you about business but all I hear is why your personal self cannot move forward or heal or receive and yet I know it’s you writing the story. The basis of everything I teach is […]

My first year in business Kitti McMeel

My first year in business Kitti McMeel FEBRUARY 26, 2016 I asked people to give me footage for my Keynote for WPPI on how people were making the reveal wall work for them. Then Kitti dropped this story on me. I put together an Animoto for you so you too could enjoy this great story. […]

On the shoulders of giants

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” ~Isaac Newton There are three Men in my life that you need to know. They are Craig Swanson, George Varanakis and Aaron Andersen. They have been a huge part of your current education and you didn’t even know it. George booked […]

Change the Way You Work

SERVICE = SALES You can take this as criticism OR a great lesson. Yes there is always an exception to the rule but 99.9% of the time it was YOU. IMAGINE IF you were brave enough to remove the rejection/failure/blame feeling and instead look back and say. What did I do wrong and how can […]

Videos with a Message

You are Photographing for Women. You are selling to Women. You are Marketing to Women. Even if the Boys come into the shoot it’s predominately a Women’s ‘Shopping Market’ This is NOT a sexist statement this is a fact. It doesn’t matter if you are a Female or Male photographer you too need to know […]

Sales Contracts & Model Releases for your Business

I can’t tell you enough how important it is to know the ins and outs of the legality of your business. Rachel Brenke, or “The Lawtog” is your ultimate resource. During law school, Rachel was already doing photography on the side for her friends and family and she decided to make it a business to […]