New Videos Teen Posing

September 16, 2016 Uncategorized

This subject is one I talk about often, teen posing. I’m reminded of a very old Britney Spears song Not a girl, not yet a woman. Teens are without doubt a very a confusing genre because they mature at very different rates and obviously the parents are a huge part of that equation. I negotiate HOW much makeup with the teen and the parents without disempowering either I make it conversational. “How do you want to be photographed, how much make-up do you wear”   Always paying close attention to the clothing they’ve brought in also.

I feel at the end of the day that regardless of the age, the style or what I’m seeing and hearing I pose under 16’s very neutral and age appropriately. In this flow posing video with guide I explore the subtle but striking difference between the sensual hip and hand movements of an older woman and the posing that brings attention to these parts of the feminine body.

I focus on teen magazine styled beauty and fashion images without sensuality and body awareness. In this video you will learn how I took the printable woman flow posing guide and followed the same 60 moves only making adjustments that differentiate the age difference. I want these girls to have contemporary magazine styled images that don’t make them look 25. I love to photograph this age group, they have a sweet quiet innocence and confidence and my absolute favorite shoot is when I get to shoot them with Mum and Dad.