The New SBE Video by Ale Vidal

September 25, 2017 Uncategorized

I’ve been working with the amazing Ale Vidal to create this video for Sue Bryce Education for a year – yes, the shots in this video have been collected over a year. I have always been drawn to Ale’s work, her eye for beauty is absolutely remarkable. I knew I wanted to work with her to convey the soul of SBE.

The voice-over was a very natural interview. Ale put a microphone on me and I just got to speak fluidly about what I love about what I do. She intertwined those words with footage from my home, my office, my studio, and the self-value talk. She has such an ease of showing her clients’ truest message, and I feel so happy to have created this with her.

Check out more of Ale’s work here:

Ale on instagram: @alevidal


  1. So so super inspiring, positively powerful and uplifting.
    Thank you, Sue, for being my mentor xX
    Looking forward to creating beautiful Portraits in 2018 with you.

  2. Incredible – I have watched it several times. So interesting that almost every clip was in slo motion but the talking in real time. Makes it have a very epic feel.

  3. Love, love, love, everything about you Sue and this video! Ale is amazing and I’ve been following her work since you introduced her to us! I’m waiting for her to teach a class as well! Maybe she can team up with you? That would be beyond magnificent!

  4. I want to share this with the world and proudly tell them you are my mentor. 😍 I STILL can’t get over the fact I was there in your presence just a couple weeks back, watching you speak to us from the heart and being unequivocally raw and honest. Thank you.