New & Fabulous Scrims

When we were visiting Andrew Knowles’ studio in Dallas, I noticed he had this massive scrim that diffused the light so beautifully. They are 8×8′ feet and I instantly fell in love… so of course I instantly ordered two from Amazon for our studio in LA. They arrived today, and I am so excited to use them in my next shoot. Sigh…

It’s very hard finding a good scrim under $600 and this is a fabulous price point at $379. Click HERE for the link!

FYI The best scrim hack is a white shower curtain. The prettiest and most efficient window diffuser is the $7 net drop curtains from Ikea (you can bunch them for more diffusion). I have used these curtains in every studio I have ever had, however you can use the scrim for constant and strobe bouncing, softening and diffusing light. I have two large windows and the scrims will live most of the time up against these windows when I shoot with studio lights they can be put on C-stands and moved around the studio. I am blown away by the quality, size and price of these scrims.