My Message to Jen

“Inches mean nothing… but the weight of your words and the weight of your actions are everything.”

I was on stage at ClickAway 2014 Salt Lake City teaching Posing. I asked them not to get me models, I would pick my models from the audience. You see just like clients, I wouldn’t know what I was going to get.

I asked for lean body-types and curvy body-types to raise their hands and I chose one of each. Jen raised her hand to volunteer as my curvy body-type posing model. 

I posed both girls simultaneously to show what looks good with each body type and how to pose different shapes. After the demonstration was over, Jen spent the rest of the evening being praised and applauded for putting herself out there and representing curvy women on stage. She was beaming and felt so confident all night long.

The next day, she saw the photos that members of the audience were taking during the posing demonstration (you know, all from terrible low angles in bad light) and all of her confidence from the day before completely drained out of her. I told her, “Come to my studio in LA and let me show you how beautiful you really are.”

7 months later, Jen’s here in my studio for a shoot. We took a moment to talk about hiding behind the camera and how important it is to get in front of the camera.


  1. Seriously Sue…I love you! And most of all I love your heart! May God overflow your cup of blessings for every time you have made me and others cry! PS-Jen…Vavavoom!

  2. Wow! I never would have had the courage to even volunteer to pose in front of an audience when I was your age, Jen (great name, hey?). You’re awesome and I do love love love the way you look in your portraits. Gorgeous.

  3. Wow – Jen, you look awesome! So at peace and in control, go girl! Sometimes you just need to be reminded – my parents were also “do your best, and make the most of it” .. hearing things now that I really need to hear. Cheers to a great journey.