Men Shooting Glamour Workshop (Nov 15 & 16)

September 21, 2016 Uncategorized

I am faced with an interesting challenge. A challenge I never believed would be a ‘thing’ but it is. I constantly hear “Sue Bryce empowers Women.” I do. I also empower men. In fact I empower photographers and business owners (not gender specific). I hear “Why are there only women at your workshops?” (average workshop 19 women one man). I don’t know why. I have pondered this in depth.

Important facts about me.

Fact: I was taught by a man!
(A man who loved Women, loved photographing them and loved talking to them)

Fact: I do MARKET to women as they bring the men. (The same way beauty products do, because it works and they are the target market)

Fact: Facebook statistics say 39% of my followers are Men.


My male business partners challenged me to do a “MEN SHOOTING GLAMOUR WORKSHOP.”

What are the unique challenges Men have shooting, marketing and running a Glamour style business. Let me show you how to attract women into your brand (Speak Woman in your marketing) and shoot beautiful portraits that sell.

This workshop is free to attend and will be filmed for my education channel we will pick 20 Male photographers, you must be available to fly to Los Angeles for November 15 and 16 for two full hands of class so I can put you through your paces. I’ll have models and we will be shooting.

So ladies before you get bummed out there will be MANY pop up in person opportunities come up next year that you can apply for. This one is just for the boys.

Boys if you are interested in joining me in-person here in LA, fill out this Google Doc to apply (only active members can apply to be here in person).

Google Doc: Men Shooting Glamour — Los Angeles Studio Audience

I want to smash some stereotypes. I want to show you guys how incredible this business is and if you are ready to take this challenge I welcome you.

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  1. I wish I had seen this earlier. I would love to go (just in case this comes up as my wife’s name, we are co-owners and photographers in our business). 🙁 I am sure I am too late.