Let’s Go to the Beach

June 6, 2018 Uncategorized

I don’t get to shoot on location very often, so I’m very excited to take you all to the beach!

If you are building your folio without a studio, if you live in an area that you have a forest or beach or a beautiful park, or if you’re just bored with the in-studio look, you can create gorgeous contemporary images for your folio by going on-location.

This shoot was all about finding the light, the best backdrops, poses that don’t need boxes or chairs, lots of flow, personality and the use of fabric for movement to create interesting dimensions in your compositions.

Shot with Canon 5D Mark IV

50mm and 135 mm lenses

At f1.4 all natural light, no reflectors 9am on a hazy LA morning

WATCH the full shoot here

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  1. wow it always blows my mind how you can create such beautiful & graceful images anywhere you bring your camera too (& I mean actually YOU)… full of grace at the BEACH! #phenomenal