A Hard Thing to Hear

October 26, 2016 Uncategorized

You are unconsciously pushing clients away when you don’t believe in your work.

When you pitch your product and your price, any self-doubt you feel shows up and dissuades your buyer. In this clip from Pitch Your Work to Sell, Sue Bryce talks about discouraging sales from simply thinking pessimistically and coaches you on how to increase your sales by changing the way you think.


  1. ok -I’ve been a photographer for over 30 years but I’ve just been able to say it in the last 6 with conviction when I discovered Sue Bryce. She is not only an inspiration to photographers but anyone anywhere in any soul searching endeavor. Thank you Sue!

  2. It took me y e a r s to say with confidence I am an architect, eventhough I studied and graduated ir. In the beginning I couldn’t say I am a photographer, not even having a diploma I felt such a fraud. Though Sue I learned to now confidently be both, stand strong and say both. It is in you and it is possible. Thank you Sue.

  3. I’ve been so guilty of this selling my wildlife paintings. When I was new at that, I was at a very important show, speaking to the very famous Director of the Columbus Zoo who ask to see my booth and I devalued myself so much that I blew it off as if he didn’t really need to see it and went of with my casual conversation. OH MY GAWD!