Graphi Studio Sue Bryce Collection

April 26, 2018 Uncategorized

The Sue Bryce Collection at Graphi has been one of the very best products I have ever created. As we come up to our first year anniversary I would like to thank this incredible company and all of you that have been buying this collection for your studios and clients.

I finished the entrance way of the new studio with ONE goal, to make it about PRINT and PRODUCT, to bring to my clients mind the most important part of what we are making. When you walk into this space you see my beautiful Graphi Collection on the shelves to your right, then your eyes sweep across three beautiful portraits framed in gold. As you turn, the show stopping Canon Pro 4000 and 1000 are to your left with frames cascading down the far raw brick wall. (see video)

I am currently preparing my crew, my equipment and about 150 dresses for our annual trek to the most jaw dropping and unbelievable property that is Graphi Castle | Castello Ceconi, Frazione di Pielungo, in Italy.   Watch out for the upcoming Tuesday LIVE Glam shoot on the Castle grounds. Last year I got a full tour of Graphi’s factory and watched the love, care and extraordinary eco system that produces the most luxurious products, and if you ever have the opportunity to see it yourself – TAKE IT.

The reveal Box with the plexi lid has been my biggest seller this year, and surprisingly in white! This gorgeous box sits on a shelf like a chunky high quality frame beautifully showcasing the first image and of course you can change the image every day.

I have attached all details you need to inquire or order for easy reference.

Accessing your account, or registering for a new account to order the Sue Bryce Collection can be done in a few easy steps:

Step 1
If you are a SBE member you can access it directly by logging in and clicking store then clicking on partners.
If you are not an SBE member use the link provided above.
a. (when you click on partners, you’ll see Graphi Studio)
b.  When you click on the link – you’ll see the below log in details:
Option 1:  Log in if you already have a current account
Option 2:  If you don’t have an account click on “create your account” on the right
** new customers will receive a password to access the trade area which will give them access to the Sue Bryce Order form.  The password will be emailed within a few minutes of submitting the form ** 
Below find a screen grab of what the trade area will look like for the Sue Bryce order form.  If clients want full access (books, albums, etc, they simply need to contact our sales office at 866-472-7445 and we can help change their account status to have full access).   They will also have a dedicated Graphi Studio sales representative.  The contact (both email and phone # + ext) will be sent to the photographer when they receive their log in details. 
Example of the Sue Bryce trade area:

When logged into the trade area, you should download and print the below support materials (see section in the top right, grey background) section = “Catalogs & Price Lists” 
1.  PDF Price list 
2.  Info Sue Bryce Collection – this document will review the box sizes so you can properly size your logo 
3.  Info Materials & Colors – this pdf document will assist you in all the materials and colors available in the program
4.  Info Customizations & Ennoblement – this PDF will review the personalization examples such as laser engraving, color overprinting, raised UV, debossing, and foil 
Examples of each option are provided:
A quick review of the trade area…. whenever an order is placed on hold it will show up in the “on hold” section when you log in.  You’ll also receive an email from Graphi Studio indicating that your order is on hold.  Because emails could end up in your spam folders, we suggest you log in your trade area after placing your order to make sure everything is progressing!
When you place your order, you will be able to access by click on the tab “in process”.  It’s important that you review the order receipt that Graphi Studio emails you and log into your trade area to confirm that all details are accurate to avoid any errors. 
When your order ships, you can locate all details in the “ shipped” tab.  You will also be able to click on the order code and access the tracking #.  Graphi Studio ships international priority, depending on where you are located you will receive your product with 2-3 days, for example, from Italy to California it takes 3 days. The shipping costs will vary based on where you are located.  This is an example of how affordable the shipping costs are, in the US the shipping contribution fees are $15.  Graphi Studio refers to the costs as shipping contribution fees because they are absorbing the bulk of the shipping, duty, and customs. Currently, you will order each piece individually because they are custom-made and each piece offers unique materials and customization options.  In the near future you will have the option of adding multiple products within the entire range into one cart. For now, you can add larger quantities of the same box, for example 10 Reveal boxes in your cart and Graphi will do their best to accommodate more than 1 reveal box in a shipping box to save in costs.  For any questions on shipping and pricing, please contact Graphi Studio directly at 866-472-7445 (US #) to locate the sales office within your region simply log into your trade area and select the contacts on the top right.  You can also join one of their closed facebook group, please locate the group that is within your region, groups are in the following markets (US, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, and Russia).
You can also access the “Payments & Invoices” tab to review all shipments and invoices by date. 
Placing an order:  Can be done in a few easy steps… 
1) Select the box or the portfolio
2) Select size, material, and personalization
3) Add prints and mats (optional)
4) Check out
5) Upload your images ** you do this after you hit check out** 
Graphi Studio offers a unique ordering experience in that you can visualize the product when ordering  Additionally, the pricing will populate on the right side so you know exactly what the cost will be based on the options you select.   If you want to hide the pricing, simply select the eyeball icon directly below “Order Details”.    You can also save your work in “My Works” which allows you to reorder the same product for future orders (you would do this if the product, materials are the same – with a click of a button you can update the personalization details for each client).  You will find this option will save you a lot of time in ordering the same product for each client.  
The customization options are also provide a visual example and will help guide you in making the best decision based on the product and material your are ordering.  To see examples of each of the personalization options, click on the “i” for information, shown below. 
The top sellers globally in the Sue Bryce Collection:
1.  Reveal Box 
2.  Fine Art and Deep Matte HD prints 
3.  Mats 
A popular choice to personalization the Reveal box, as shown in the below example, is the raised color-overprinting.   Graphi Studio is also working on debossing the mats – this is available now by contacting your Graphi Studio sales representative.  Soon this option will be available in the order form.  Additionally, Graphi Studio will be offering a service to mount the prints in the mats, if you would like to add this option to your order, you can simply add notes until it’s available in the order form. 
We hope you enjoy the collection!