DEMO: Make Easy, Quick Videos with Animoto

September 28, 2021 Blog

Keep Up With the Trends

Many photographers are concerned by Head of Instagram Dan Mosseri’s announcement that Instagram is “no more a photo sharing app.” Instagram wants to ride the wave created by TikTok and become more of a destination for video entertainment. As a result, Instagram’s algorithm will soon be favoring video content over still images. What does this mean for photographers who use Instagram to connect with clients and grow their reach?

Sally Sargood of Animoto made an appearance on Sue Bryce Education’s LIVE today in order to assure us all that there is no reason to be afraid. Instagram will still be a viable app for you to use for your business. Furthermore, Animoto can help, and they’re offering us a promo code of 25% off their Pro-Plus Plan, which you’ll find in the video at the bottom of this blog post. Just don’t delay because the promo code expires on Oct 10th!

Animoto Can Help

According to Sally, what she commonly hears from photographers is that they just don’t know where to start when it comes to making videos, and they don’t have the time to figure it all out. Not only is it incredibly time-consuming to shoot and put together a film, but it is a challenge to come up with ideas for content.

To help out with this dilemma, Animoto has created a new template for making “Short Trendy Promo” videos that is easy and quick to use. With this template, you can make short videos using only photos in just minutes. With the purchase of a Pro Plan, you can create and save your own brand settings to apply to everything you create. With a Pro Plus Plan, you can can create multiple brand settings, and you can also upload your own fonts.

This new template is so easy to use for anyone. So if you are short on time but not on photographs, this is a great way to keep up with the new algorithm trends that favor videos. This demo video (just below) from Sally Sargood takes you through how to create gorgeous, short videos in minutes using Animoto. In it, she also shares that awesome promo code that will get you 25% off a Pro Plus Plan, and she gives you some great tips on what’s trending for video on social media, so that you can be more effective with your social media marketing.



Are You Ready?

Don’t delay. The 25% off promo code expires on Oct 10th! Apply it and find out all that you can do with Animoto here.

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