Client Testimonials

Client testimonials are the most powerful word-of-mouth marketing that you can create. It is so important that you learn how to hot seat your clients to give you amazing testimonials that you can use to market your business and spread the word.

Dawn’s Testimonial

My shoot with Dawn was almost 5 years ago. I filmed it all myself and recorded the voice over straight into GarageBand on my computer – no microphone needed! There is no reason why you can’t make a beautiful testimonial video like this for you business right now.

Amy’s Testimonial

My shoot with Amy was 4 years ago. I had just purchased a lav-microphone and this was my first time recording sound with it. I had started to learn more about B-Roll and how to interview people to get amazing and emotional responses.

Gena’s Testimonial

When I photographed Gena a few weeks ago, I wanted to maximize all of my marketing options. I shot a behind the scenes video of her session. That video not only works as a product to boost her package sale, but also for future marketing to attract new clients. Then we filmed her reveal session and interviewed her for a video testimonial. The sound was recorded with a sennheiser lav-microphone directly onto the footage.

Watch the full LIVE broadcast with Gena here and learn how to make your own testimonials.

Now, these are my most recent¬†testimonials. Watch the 50+ and Fabulous Workshop¬†(specifically the “Marketing Videos” section) to watch Charlotte and Winda react to their testimonials.

Charlotte’s Testimonial

Winda’s Testimonial


  1. I cry every single time I watch these.. I have had my photos taken in February, so I can relate on a personal level to all of these testimonials.. They are all so beautifully done!! Great job Sue and staff!!