The 12-Week Study Group

The NEXT 12-Week Study Group starts April 20th!

Are you ready to transform your business and life?

  • Weeks 1-6: Build a Folio You Love!
  • Weeks 7-12: Start the Business You Dream Of.

In 2017 I want us ALL to take a step together towards transforming our lives and our businesses. This is your step-by-step program to create a powerful, profitable portrait photography business. We’ll work from the ground up. It doesn’t matter if you are starting fresh, if you haven’t started yet, or if you have an existing business you need to restart with new eyes and mindset.

And it is okay if this is your second time through this 12-week program. We are all working together.

Every week the challenges roll out. Join our 12-week startup Facebook group. We can look to each other for support and feedback. We’ll be learning or revisiting camera fundamentals, working on beautiful light, and mastering the pose and direction.