12 Week Startup FAQ

What is 12 Week Startup?

12 Week Startup is a 12 week-long course designed to help portrait photographers hone their craft and develop their business into a profitable, successful one.

Each module in the course is an essential curriculum for becoming a professional portrait photographer with a thriving business.

Who would benefit from 12 Week Start Up?

Any portrait photographer who wants to build a folio they love and the business they dream of would benefit from this course. From beginners to advanced photographers, Sue’s expertise will help you grow confidence in yourself, as well as give you practical, hands-on advice for launching your business.

Does 12 Week Startup cost anything extra?

No! Our 12 Week Startup course is included with your membership.

How is this 12 Week Startup different than the previous Startup course?

Sue has improved on the previous version of this course by restructuring it, so the path to learning the business is optimized and she has added new content as the weeks progress. If you have taken the course before, you will still find new content to help you grow your business.

How do I get started with 12 Week Startup?

All you need to do to get started is to sit down and start watching!

You can get started here.

What tools/equipment do I need to take this class?

All you need is a camera, a computer or tablet/mobile phone with an internet connection and an SBE membership and a desire to learn portrait photography and how to build a business.

Does Sue interact with the class personally?

Sue will broadcast on our LIVE channel every Tuesday at 12pm PST to coach you and answer your questions.

We will send out an email reminder at 9AM PST the day of, but it’s best for you to put this on your calendar now so you don’t miss it.

You can also tag @sue1 in the forum, and either she will answer or @nikki and @Ella_Ketzner will find out the answer from Sue.

Where do I download course materials?

All course downloads will be listed each week under “Training Materials”. If nothing is listed there, that means there is nothing to download for that week.

What if I miss a week?

It’s okay if you miss a week—while the group will have moved forward, you will still have access to all previous weeks. If you are able to get caught up, great—but don’t worry if you fall behind.

I missed week 1, can I still join?

Yes! All the previous weeks will still be available (you just won’t be able to move ahead of the group).

We recommend that you check out the discussions in the forums to supplement the course (and if you have questions, check there to see if they have been asked already!)

Will there be another round starting soon?

We don’t have an exact date yet but we anticipate the next round of the 12 Week Startup to begin in January of 2020. Stay tuned for more details!

Where can I connect with the study group?

We have the new Sue Bryce Education Forum where you can mingle with your fellow students, find an accountability partner, and engage in course discussions.

You can and read the rules and introduce yourself in the Welcome forum, and then each week a corresponding forum will open up for course discussion (the link is on the course page.)

As a member of Sue Bryce Education, you can also chat about the course in the Members Only Facebook Group.

How do I use the Forum?

The Sue Bryce Education Forum is a great place where can mingle with your fellow students, find an accountability partner, and engage in course discussions.

To ask a question or respond in the topic, all you need to do is scroll to the bottom of the discussion page and click on the blue reply box:




If you want to respond to another person’s post directly, at the bottom right corner of their post you will see a grey arrow:

Click on this to respond to the person directly.



You can also tag a user by writing their username with an “@” symbol: @Ella_Ketzner or @sue1


When is this week's LIVE with Sue?

Sue will go LIVE every week at 12pm PST on Tuesdays. An email will be sent out the morning of the live to all active members, and it will always be streamed on our live channel.

What do I do if I missed this week's LIVE?

If you missed the LIVE broadcast, we will upload the video to the course playlist. It will be titled “Week #: Q & A”.


For example, here’s Week 2: